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100wc – as it came rushing towards us we

We walked through the maze, our hearts beating fast. Every corner we turned was with fear, nothing was more scary than this maze. Archie and I were terrified after we saw the gatekeeper of the maze and turned the corner immediately. We made a quick right turn as we saw the gatekeeper running towards us, as it came rushing towards us we noticed that in its left eye, it was blind. This was our chance, a chance to get out of this maze once and for all. Because there it was, at the end of the path, the chance to escape.

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Character Analysis

Physical: What this story tells us is that the character has big ears, before you find out the character’s a cat then as a person then they would have big ears. The characters physical attributes play a big role in the story because the ­family wouldn’t have invited him home if he wasn’t cute. I’m not sure how this character feels about their attributes because it was a cat. The character changes physically during the story because at the end the cat gets fitter and eats more food so he becomes healthier. This affects the character because at the start if he never met the family then he might have not lived.


  1. Intellectual: I think that this character is smart because he is surviving by himself with no one else so he is very independent even though he needs people to help him. I think that this character knows that he likes the family and is happy that they helped him. I think the character was smart enough to survive in his world because he was already doing it but he did need a helping hand. This character learns that the family taking him in are really nice and giving.


  1. Emotional: I think this character feels curious and hopeful, I think he feel this because he is really curious about the family and hopeful about what is going to happen in their future. I think the cats feelings change when the family takes him in and he feels happy. When the character faced challenges in the story I think that he still tried to stay positive and find another solution.


  1. Social: This character is a social cat and I think that how the family started to like him so much because he was social. This character chooses his friends and family as people he met at the start of the story, I think that the cat chose them because they seemed like nice and friendly people. I don’t know where the character stands in the social order because it is just a cat and doesn’t really have a place.


  1. Philosophical: I think that this character believes that life is good, happy and fun. These beliefs might be based on how he used to live a hard life and that suddenly got turned around by a new family. These beliefs change throughout the story because before he got the family his beliefs about life were harder and then after he got happier and healthier. I think that his family share the same beliefs about life that he has.




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Things that I found interesting

STELLA: I found it interesting that Stella thought that Laurie and Charles were both main characters. I found it interesting how everything Stella said was different to mine because she said Laurie was the main character. Stella said that the ending affected if Charles got or didn’t get what he wants.



JACK: Jack also said that Laurie and Charles were the two main characters as well. I found it interesting that Jack thought there wasn’t really anything that Laurie really wanted but there were little things in the story. He thinks Laurie didn’t get what he wants because the mum finds out that there is no Charles and he said that lying never works.



BYRON: I thought it was interesting how Byron included the fact that Charles was just a made up character. Byron thought that what Laurie wanted was to tell his parents about Charles but was too scared to. I thought it was interesting how Byron included that he tricked his parents.

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The 5 facts of fiction- Charles

The five facts of fiction- Charles

1.Fiction is all about a character: I think the main character in this story is the mother. The personality of this character I think is caring. I think the character came to be this way because of her family. You can tell when reading the story that the mum cares about her family and son.



2.Fiction is all about what your character wants: I think that what this character wants more than anything else is to know and find out more about Charles. I think the character wants this because she’s interested and curious about Charles and wants to find out more about him. I think that what the character wants is important because Charles is a big character in the story and in the end Charles really isn’t who she thinks he is.



3.Fiction is all about if your character gets or doesn’t get what they want: In the end the mum does find out about Charles but he is not the person she thought that he was. What she wants doesn’t change. The mother sort of finds out who Charles is and she finds this out by going to the PTA meeting and finding out that there is no Charles but there is someone else who is Charles. Some obstacles the mum encounters are the fact that Charles’ behaviour keeps on changing and she doesn’t know how she should think of him.



4.Fiction is all about how your character changes: I feel like at different parts in the story the mum changes her view of Charles as his behaviour changes. At the beginning the mum was just casual but as the story went on she became more interested and intrigued by Charles. At the end the mum was confused about how the teacher explained to her that there was no such person as Charles in their class. In the end the mother has learned that Charles was just a made up character that her son Laurie came up with and really Charles was just him. I learnt while reading this story that the mother didn’t know that her son Laurie was Charles and by the end she would probably get a big shock.




5. Fiction is all about a world an author creates: I think the author created the world of this book by maybe basing it on her past experience or something that happened to her. The author included everyday people so people that other people could relate to them. Some bad things that happened in this story was Charles and how bad Charles acted. Some of the good things in this world are the mum’s family. Some bad things in this story is how Laurie was acting at the start of the story. I think that the the author uses the setting to emphasise the theme because the places such as the home represent family and caring and I thought that caring was one of the traits of the mum. This is a world where I think its set in the past because the teachers did things that people used to do like wash your mouth out with soap, or spank kids when they did naughty things.

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100wc- Cushion, Scarlet, Annoying, Watered, Violin.

I have this really annoying sister Scarlet. She’s so annoying that today when I was still asleep she threw a cushion on my face. And she likes to play the violin at 5:00 am every morning in my room. Just because she wants too. She says she needs to practice, but really, at 5:00 am!! And one day, you won’t be able to believe this but I was just being casual, watering the plants and she comes around with a bucket of water and tips it on me. Then says it was an accident. I remember my reaction:

“YOU’RE SO ANNOYING” I screamed dripping in water.

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Joseph Bryant- Themes

Themes are abstract nouns: I think the themes in this story were loss and love. There were many moments in this story where they show these two themes. Some examples of where they’re shown are when Joseph had passed away, e.g. “I would not ever cry more than I did that night. Loving someone that is gone forever is one of the hardest things you can do. You can still love them, but you can never hear their laugh again or see their smile or hold their hand. You can just try and remember how everything felt with them to the best of your ability but everyone knows it won’t ever be the same. Nothing will be the same, ever.” You can tell in this that she’s mourning Joseph, meaning she’s experiencing loss and it’s about someone she really cared about, so love. An abstract noun is an idea or emotion. For example you can’t see love or loss but they are strong emotions that people most people feel at a certain time in their lives. Love and loss are emotions that most people can relate to because they have experienced something relating to them.


Themes are important human issues: Like I just said love and loss are important human issues that people can all relate to. Also in this story the theme of loss links to how Joseph had cancer. “But I soon snapped back into reality once Joseph told me that he had cancer.” I think that the author wrote this story for people to be aware about cancer and how it affects people. The author used these themes in the story to make people become more aware about cancer and how it connects to loss because everyone has experienced loss in their lives like Charlotte when she lost Joseph Bryant.


Stories apply to many readers: I think the type of people who would get the most from this story would be people who have experienced loss or the loss of a loved one. Even if some people haven’t I still think that this story would make them feel something and be able to relate to something in their own personal way. I think a few different people who this story would have an important message to them would be people who have just lost someone that they deeply cared about. Since Joseph Bryant was based on a true story then Charlotte would still be sad about his death but over time would just become happy about his life.


Events represent ideas: when I was reading this story I couldn’t find any parts where the events had a figurative meaning but at one point when Joseph told her he had cancer, “I jumped up and screamed and shouted and said “Oh my goodness, congratulations Joey!” but soon after my exclamation, I realized my reaction was inappropriate.” I can tell by this that she wasn’t aware of what cancer was and that it’s meaning would shock her.


Experience evolves in patterns: There are some moments in the story where the author repeats things, this means that the author is trying to emphasise something important in the story. For example the author kept on repeating the fact that Joseph had cancer showing it was an important aspect in the story, in the end Joseph passes away from cancer when it repeats that she was his “Fifth Grade sweetheart” which links back to the theme of love. Other parts of the story that weren’t repeated didn’t stand out as much in the text and didn’t affect the characters as much. The reasons why cancer and “Fifth grade sweetheart” were emphasised was because that showed the themes of love and loss.


Fiction is instructional: I think the message of this story is (like Ella) to not take things for granted. It starts as a normal story of two young happy kids and suddenly everything changed because Joseph got cancer. All of a sudden he couldn’t do normal things anymore and his whole life just crumbled away. I think that this story is trying to tell us how lucky we are to be healthy and happy. Joseph’s condition also affected Charlotte who was his best friend. Her life is also flipped upside down when she finds out about his condition, the message from her side is to also not taker things for granted because one day you might not have everything you want.




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100wc- But then the flash made me…

“Miss, could you just sit there please, thank you.” It was school photo day, and more specifically, year 6 photo day. Every year my school photos have been so bad, so this year I was determined to make it good. I did my hair up in a nice way and made sure that my face was clean. I sat down on the stool and sat in the position the photographer had told me to do. This was it, my year 6 photo. I smiled broadly as the photographer clicked the flash. But, the flash made me blink. Damn it, I thought. Another year, another disappointment.

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Reading like a Writer. Title Of Book: Little Ania


  1. Ideas: In Little Ania the main idea is about a girl who isn’t quite normal and doesn’t eat normal food or sleep on normal beds and she gets sick because she doesn’t eat or sleep so she goes to the hospital. In the hospital she meets and old man who is different like her and she discovers what she likes to eat and where she likes to sleep so she goes to tell her mum (who was worried about her). In the end her mum is different exactly like her and they share their differences together. I think the authors purpose in this was to Entertain because it wasn’t an information text or a persuasive text either.

  1. Organization: The organisation in this story was good. The starting hooked me in because it said “Little Ania was a very unusual little girl.” And it made me want to find out what was unusual about Ania. The ending was good as well because it linked it to something that was known about Ania, in this case, her hair.


  1. Voice: The voice in this story was to me showing that the author had been been writing about this from something personal that had happened e.g. met someone who was unusual because of the creativity in the story. Also I think the audience this story was targeted at was older year levels because I think some younger kids would find it harder to understand concepts that were in the story.


  1. Word Choice: The word choice in this story was interesting, some of the words the author had used had really made me engage more in the story. E.g. how they said “wiry mop of black hair” instead of just saying her messy hair and it engaged me more and made me more interested in the story.


  1. Sentence Fluency: This text’s sentence fluency was very nice and fluent. They used a lot of sound effects like saying how Little Ania used to growl when she couldn’t sleep or scream if she didn’t want to play with her dolls. And the sentences were very fluent, for example when I was reading it, it all made sense and there wasn’t really any mistakes that I could find.


  1. Conventions: In this text from what I read I couldn’t spot any spelling errors. I know that the author probably read through it and had other people to read through it to make sure that the spelling was perfect and that there wasn’t many spelling errors. As for the punctuation and grammar everything made sense from what I read and the punctuation was good, for example they would use exclamation marks for parts that were meant to be spoken louder and full stops for the normal endings.

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Reading Like a Reader

  1. Prediction: I predict that this story is going to be about someone turning 11 or about something to do with the number.


  1. Question: Why doesn’t Rachel just tell the teacher that the sweater isn’t hers and speak up for herself, because she just sat at her table while her teacher was looking at her and didn’t tell the teacher it wasn’t hers. e.g. “That’s not, I don’t, you’re not…Not mine,” I finally say in a little voice that was maybe me when I was four. “Of course it’s yours,” Mrs. Price says. “I remember you wearing it once.” Because she’s old and the teacher, she’s right and I’m not. Not mine, not mine, not mine, but Mrs. Price is already turning to page thirty-two, and math problem number four.”


  1. Infer: I can infer that Rachel’s teacher is a bit rude and that she really didn’t want to put the red sweater on because of the way her teacher was talking to her and the class and because she was hesitant to put on the sweater.


  1. Connect: I can make a text to self connection to this text because I had turned 11 before and also knows how it feels to have a bad day. She was feeling sad in the story e.g. “Only today I wish I didn’t have only eleven years rattling inside me like pennies in a tin Band-Aid box.” And you can infer that she is feeling sad by the way she’s talking.


  1. Feel: At the end of the story I could tell that Rachel was feeling sad because she said: “I wish I was anything but eleven, because I want today to be far away already, far away like a runaway balloon, like a tiny o in the sky, so tiny-tiny you have to close your eyes to see it.”


  1. Evaluate: I think that this story 11 was a good story. Some contexts I thought were a little difficult to understand, e.g. “What they don’t understand about birthdays and what they never tell you is that when you’re eleven, you’re also ten, and nine, and eight, and seven, and six, and five, and four, and three, and two, and one.” And some audiences like younger kids wouldn’t be able to understand concepts like that. I think it was a story that made me think a lot and understand new things.



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Project Reflection For Semester 2



This term the 5/6s topic was animal adaptations, we focused on desert animals and plants that have adapted to help them survive in their harsh desert environment. My partner was Noah and the animal we got was the Greater Bilby. We had 2-3 weeks to make a project on our animal consisting of a model, diagram, experiment and a PowerPoint or other way to show the adaptations and facts of our animal or plant. I think that my partner and I worked well as we got the project done by the deadline. We presented well infront of the class and the only thing we needed to work on was to share the roles a bit more equally, in the end we got voted to present in front of all of the 5/6s. We executed the PowerPoint very well and only made few mistakes.


3 Facts I found interesting or surprising:

  • The Greater Bilby doesn’t need to drink water, it gets all the water it needs from the food it eats.
  • They are an endangered species.
  • They have a relative (The Lesser Bilby) which is believed to be extinct.

2 Understandings that I now have:

  • I now understand that all animals/plants have adaptations and features to help them to survive in their environment.
  • I also now understand that the survival of animals and plants are affected by the conditions of their environment.

1 Wondering I still have:

  • I still wonder about how many Greater Bilby’s are left (because they are endangered)


Class Lessons:

During the class lessons on adaptations I think I focused really well and that helped me to understand more. The lessons gave me an idea of what we should include in our projects and helped me to understand what I should research in order to make a good presentation. The lessons on labelling the camel’s adaptations helped me to know how to research when I was looking for adaptations on my animal.


Researching with my partner:

I think the research with my partner went really well. I researched the adaptations while Noah researched the general facts and what our animal was. We researched for homework and then brought the facts back to school to put in our PowerPoint. We shared the roles of what we needed to do quite equally. I did most of the PowerPoint, Noah did the diagram and we both did the experiment and the model together. In the end we had a pretty good project and we were proud about what we both did.


The excursion to the aquarium:

The excursion was really interesting. I learnt a lot about adaptations and it helped me to understand more about them. I learnt about many different animals with different adaptations that helped to survive in their harsh desert and artic environments.


What were the most important things that I learnt:

The most important things that I learnt were what an adaptation was. That one fact was the backbone of our project and if I didn’t know and understand what an adaptation was then I wouldn’t be able to make a whole project on them. Another important thing that I learnt was the tier 3 vocabulary which helped me to make my project more interesting and more mature.


How did I learn it:

I learnt what an adaptation was because of the lessons we did in class and by the 3rd lesson I understood exactly what an adaptation was and did. I learnt a lot of my vocab from the lessons as well, but I also learnt some from the aquarium and reading about them while researching for my animal.


What am I going to do with what I learnt:

With my knowledge of adaptations and changes I’m going to use them when I go to high school. I think that this knowledge will really help me in the future when I need to know about this and it will help if I already       do. I also might use this at university. If I have to take a class about adaptations or something like that then it would be good that I already know what it is. And maybe if I have kids then I could pass that knowledge on to them in the future if they need to know about that.



In conclusion I think that this topic on animal adaptations was a fun and great learning experience. Even though it was hard when we finished it ended up being a fun experience. I think that my partner and I worked really well together and always asked each other if we needed help. I wasn’t partnered with someone I usually work with or one of my friends and that helped me to work faster, more efficiently and not get distracted as easily. The next time I work with a partner even if it is my friend then I would know even though I would want to get distracted that I shouldn’t and should finish the task. Overall I think that this topic was a really fun and useful learning experience for me.