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100wc- As the door slammed, I knew…

I heard a bump. Being home alone and hearing this was scary for me, so I  decided to stay quiet. 5 minutes after I heard another bump. I went to grab a knife from the kitchen, but heard a bump again. I ran and grabbed a knife then went back to the living room. But then, the door slammed and I knew I was in trouble. I ran out the front door, because they came in through the back and ran to my neighbors house. I knocked on the door once. Twice. Thrice, but they didn’t respond. Oh god, I thought

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I skipped rocks on the lake, watching as they disappeared into the distance then splashed in the water. Skipping rocks was my way of thinking and calming down. I continued to skip rocks then moved to another spot. I skipped a rock but it immediately splashed in the water. What? I thought. I threw another one and the exact same thing happened. I shuffled around so I could see what was blocking the rocks. I was horrified. Two legs stuck out of the lakes water. I couldn’t even imagine what happened here, and I knew I definitely didn’t want to.

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100wc- My Holidays

I arrived at sister and my friend’s place from swimming. She came out the door.

“Bye Dad!” She said to her dad. We climbed into my mum’s car and she drived us to Jewel Station and dropped us off. She caught the train in to Melbourne Central station, went to Melbourne Central, and started our shopping spree. We went into shops and shops until we stopped for lunch.

“Oh my god I’m so hungry.” my sister said

“Me too.” We responded together

We ate our lunch then went to a couple more shops. Finally we had to go home. We went back home and just chilled out. Best. Day. Ever.

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100wc- so, what lies ahead of…

Hi, My name’s Tim. I live in a small town surrounded by forest called Pinewood. My home is small, but it’s just like everyone else’s. My town is small, but holds many mysteries, for example, the forest that surrounds us. Many people would ask,

So, what lies ahead of  those HUGE pine trees, but honestly, no body knows. Its a mystery to me and everyone else, except for the people who go into the forest. But they take a long time to come back, and usually they’re too scared to talk about the forest after. But that’s Pinewood for you. A small town, with BIG secrets.

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“1, 2, 3,4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10!” Jessica finished counting the “ten seconds off” and went off to catch Timmy. I hid behind a bush, this  was hide and seek tiggy after all. I hid behind the bristly bush my head peeking out, I couldn’t see Jessica anywhere. I saw a group of people run across the oval, they looked like they were playing with us, but I still couldn’t see Jessica.

” Hi there!” Jessica said. I ran, she followed me. I ran around the bushes and through the oval, then I tripped, in two big footprints. I lay on my back looking at the prints.

“What the heck.” Jessica said.




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100wc – then suddenly it went dark…

I sat on the comfy, blue couch. My kitchen rules was about to start, and I couldn’t miss out on the last episode. I sat there with my popcorn chewing on it noisily, but I mean why couldn’t I my parents weren’t home and my brother was at a friends place.  Then suddenly it went dark. The TV shut off and all the lights on in the house stopped working. What?? I thought. Then the lights and the TV switched back on just as quickly as they turned off. Then I saw a shadow in the corner of the living room. Oh my god, I thought.

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100wc – as it came rushing towards us we

We walked through the maze, our hearts beating fast. Every corner we turned was with fear, nothing was more scary than this maze. Archie and I were terrified after we saw the gatekeeper of the maze and turned the corner immediately. We made a quick right turn as we saw the gatekeeper running towards us, as it came rushing towards us we noticed that in its left eye, it was blind. This was our chance, a chance to get out of this maze once and for all. Because there it was, at the end of the path, the chance to escape.

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Character Analysis

Physical: What this story tells us is that the character has big ears, before you find out the character’s a cat then as a person then they would have big ears. The characters physical attributes play a big role in the story because the ­family wouldn’t have invited him home if he wasn’t cute. I’m not sure how this character feels about their attributes because it was a cat. The character changes physically during the story because at the end the cat gets fitter and eats more food so he becomes healthier. This affects the character because at the start if he never met the family then he might have not lived.


  1. Intellectual: I think that this character is smart because he is surviving by himself with no one else so he is very independent even though he needs people to help him. I think that this character knows that he likes the family and is happy that they helped him. I think the character was smart enough to survive in his world because he was already doing it but he did need a helping hand. This character learns that the family taking him in are really nice and giving.


  1. Emotional: I think this character feels curious and hopeful, I think he feel this because he is really curious about the family and hopeful about what is going to happen in their future. I think the cats feelings change when the family takes him in and he feels happy. When the character faced challenges in the story I think that he still tried to stay positive and find another solution.


  1. Social: This character is a social cat and I think that how the family started to like him so much because he was social. This character chooses his friends and family as people he met at the start of the story, I think that the cat chose them because they seemed like nice and friendly people. I don’t know where the character stands in the social order because it is just a cat and doesn’t really have a place.


  1. Philosophical: I think that this character believes that life is good, happy and fun. These beliefs might be based on how he used to live a hard life and that suddenly got turned around by a new family. These beliefs change throughout the story because before he got the family his beliefs about life were harder and then after he got happier and healthier. I think that his family share the same beliefs about life that he has.




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The 5 facts of fiction- Charles

The five facts of fiction- Charles

1.Fiction is all about a character: I think the main character in this story is the mother. The personality of this character I think is caring. I think the character came to be this way because of her family. You can tell when reading the story that the mum cares about her family and son.



2.Fiction is all about what your character wants: I think that what this character wants more than anything else is to know and find out more about Charles. I think the character wants this because she’s interested and curious about Charles and wants to find out more about him. I think that what the character wants is important because Charles is a big character in the story and in the end Charles really isn’t who she thinks he is.



3.Fiction is all about if your character gets or doesn’t get what they want: In the end the mum does find out about Charles but he is not the person she thought that he was. What she wants doesn’t change. The mother sort of finds out who Charles is and she finds this out by going to the PTA meeting and finding out that there is no Charles but there is someone else who is Charles. Some obstacles the mum encounters are the fact that Charles’ behaviour keeps on changing and she doesn’t know how she should think of him.



4.Fiction is all about how your character changes: I feel like at different parts in the story the mum changes her view of Charles as his behaviour changes. At the beginning the mum was just casual but as the story went on she became more interested and intrigued by Charles. At the end the mum was confused about how the teacher explained to her that there was no such person as Charles in their class. In the end the mother has learned that Charles was just a made up character that her son Laurie came up with and really Charles was just him. I learnt while reading this story that the mother didn’t know that her son Laurie was Charles and by the end she would probably get a big shock.




5. Fiction is all about a world an author creates: I think the author created the world of this book by maybe basing it on her past experience or something that happened to her. The author included everyday people so people that other people could relate to them. Some bad things that happened in this story was Charles and how bad Charles acted. Some of the good things in this world are the mum’s family. Some bad things in this story is how Laurie was acting at the start of the story. I think that the the author uses the setting to emphasise the theme because the places such as the home represent family and caring and I thought that caring was one of the traits of the mum. This is a world where I think its set in the past because the teachers did things that people used to do like wash your mouth out with soap, or spank kids when they did naughty things.

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100wc- Cushion, Scarlet, Annoying, Watered, Violin.

I have this really annoying sister Scarlet. She’s so annoying that today when I was still asleep she threw a cushion on my face. And she likes to play the violin at 5:00 am every morning in my room. Just because she wants too. She says she needs to practice, but really, at 5:00 am!! And one day, you won’t be able to believe this but I was just being casual, watering the plants and she comes around with a bucket of water and tips it on me. Then says it was an accident. I remember my reaction:

“YOU’RE SO ANNOYING” I screamed dripping in water.