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Goals for semester 1, a goal reflection and my goals for semester 2

These are my goals for semester 1:

In maths, I wanted to learn about how to do vertical multiplication and division, to help me do this I could check in every now and then to see if I have learnt anything new or not. In literacy I want to learn about similes and phrases, to help me do this I could read my book and while I am I could spot similes and phrases. In integrated I would like to learn about all the party’s in government, to do this I could ask more questions to improve my knowledge of government and how the parties work.


This is my reflection on my goals:

In maths, I didn’t learn about vertical division and I only learnt a little bit of information about vertical multiplication in some maths lessons when we did multiplication. In literacy I have definitely achieved to spot similes because it is my goal in reading and writing, to spot similes when reading and writing (goal). I still need to improve a lot more on identifying and using phrases correctly. In integrated I know very well how many parties there are and some good information about them.


These are some goals that I have in the future:

In math I would like to learn about vertical division and more on vertical multiplication in depth. In writing I would like to improve in making my theme and message clearer in any stories that I do. In reading I would like to improve on reading more complex and hard books that include interesting plots, features, a good story line and interesting things that happen. And in integrated I would like to be able to understand about whether objects are chemical, physical, reversible or irreversible.


Reflection on goals- Have I Achieved Them? 

In maths I have achieved my goal of learning how to do vertical division but I still need to work on it. I learnt how to do a different type of vertical division called ‘ Division By Estimation’ I have a bit of an idea of how to do it but I am still confused, I have not fully achieved this goal yet. I also still haven’t completed my goal of vertical multiplication yet but I am doing a lot better compared to the start of the year/ semester, I now understand fully how to do 1 digit numbers multiplied by 2 digit but not yet 3 digits. I have also not yet fully achieved this goal. I have definitely achieved making my theme and message clearer by planning my writing and including my theme and message in my plan. That helps me get a more clearer idea of how to write my text and include my theme and message in a clear way. In my reading I have not finished any books yet but the book series that I am reading does get harder. The books don’t just get harder in words and language but they also get harder when the plot gets more complex ( when more things happen and then you need to predict about the final outcome, the plot/ story line gets more suspenseful as the story continues). I am still trying to find another book series that is more complicated and that challenges me, I think that I have almost completed this goal. In integrated I have definitely achieved this goal because I now know if something is irreversible, reversible, chemical or physical. If a chemical change has occured there will be one or more of these things: A colour change, heat or light is given off, bubbles of gas are given off and it is hard to reverse of irreversible. Irreversible is that you can’t make the object/ thing turn back into its original state. If it’s a physical change it would:Freeze, Melt, Boil. These are reversible because you can turn them back into their original state.

My future goals: 

I would like to continue on my maths goal of vertical multiplication and I can use that when I am doing decimals. I would also like to learn more about decimals and how to use them more confidently. In reading I would like to improve on my reading and I think that literacy circles could help improve it, in literacy circles I would like to push myself and make sure I understand deeply about the specific book. In writing I would like to include figurative language in my stories and improve on my language. Then in integrated I would like to learn more about space and understand deeply about the universe.

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3rd term goals (Natural Disasters)

Unit Learning Goal 1: Science

I will . . . Understand how Tornados and Cyclones affect Earth’s surface

I want to learn how……. Tornados affect Earth’s surface

Unit Learning Goal 2: Science

 I  will . . .  Communicate ideas, explanations and processes in a variety of ways

Unit Learning Goal 5: Reading and viewing

I will . . . Understand how texts vary in purpose, structure and topic as

Unit Learning Goal 6: Writing

I will . . . Reread and edit student’s own and others’ work using agreed criteria for text structures and language features

Personal Learning Goals: During this unit, I will . . . use a range of different sources when researching for my topic.

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Science Reflection on Chemistry Unit

This term my science goals were solids, liquids and gases have different observable properties and behave in different ways. With guidance, plan appropriate investigation methods to answer questions or solve problems.


I have achieved my two goals, I have achieved my 1st goal (solids, liquids and gases have different observable properties and behave in different ways) by watching all of the videos that included good information about this and I took down notes of them, I also achieved this goal by in my experiment I was melting ice (which is a solid) and turning into water (which is a liquid) and we were OBSERVING how they behave.


I also achieved my 2nd goal (With guidance, plan appropriate investigation methods to answer questions or solve problems) by in my experiment I have been working hard and trying my hardest and we achieved expectations on our rubric the expected level and got a little of the above expected level.



I think some things that I can improve on is being more focused and on task and being able to understand everything that I say and present. I also think that I can improve on not being stressed about my project and relax about it because there is nothing that I need to worry about but sometimes it will overwhelm me. I could improve this by being more organised and maybe making a set of goals in my head about what I could do to make my presentation as good as possible. I could also make sure that the person I work with doesn’t slow me or distract me and my learning.



I have learnt that about physical and chemical changes like I now know the clues of a chemical of physical change they are:


  • A new colour appears
  • Heat or light is given off
  • Bubbles of gas are given off
  • Solid materials forms into the liquid
  • The change is hard to reverse ( if you can’t reverse it, it is irreversible)


  • Freezing
  • Melting
  • Boiling + Dissolving
  • Cutting
  • Moulding

I have also learnt about reversible and irreversible changes a reversible change is when it can be changed directly back to its original constituents in their original state (molecules stay the same) an irreversible change is when you cannot easily reverse the change.


I have learnt that I work quite efficiently and I am always trying my hardest to get my work done and finished before I have fun.