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Lesson on Coding- Synopsis and Reflection on the lesson


This lesson was about how you learnt to code and program an online robot from a game. Coding is a set of instructions for a machine/robot to make them turn and move different ways. At the start we watched a video about all of the famous people who coded and programmed technology. We learnt what actions we needed to do to make the robot move in specific directions and in different ways ( anticlockwise, clockwise).


I would like to learn more about programming robots in harder and more complex ways, so they can move around more easily and more swift. So if I learn about that then next time I work with robots I can have a better and stronger understanding about how they work. This will help me to understand more about coding and know how to use it properly. Coding excites me because I now know that coding might be a big part about our future and that coding is used in almost every type of technology. It also excites me that you get to program and set robots to move in specific ways and directions. I think we can improve coding at MPPS  by making the people who know more about coding do more harder and complex things and for people who need more help with it to do something simpler because sometimes its to easy for some people or too hard.