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Buddies- FOOD FACES!


Today in buddies we made healthy food faces. The preps did this because their topic is healthy food.

In the end the prep buddies and 5/6 buddies got to eat their healthy food sandwiches and had an AWESOME time!

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Buddies Reflection!

On the 25th of February the 5 6s had their first buddies’ session. The 5/6s were split into the different prep classes 5/6C had Leigh’s class, 5/6A had Nicole and 5/6B had Melanie. I was split into Leigh’s class. My buddy is Taj, I am partners with Tirth so Taj is really lucky to have two buddies! When we did our first buddies session we didn’t do much. The 5/6s did a buddies letter to introduce themselves and say a bit about them e.g. what they like, what they don’t like etc. We also had a colouring in activity where you needed to colour in a teddy bear with your buddy. After that we ate our lunch with them and the other preppies and buddies in the class. I had a great time with my buddy and I am very excited to do more things with them!

20160225_124345        THANKS BUDDIES!