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100wc- As the door slammed, I knew…

I heard a bump. Being home alone and hearing this was scary for me, so I  decided to stay quiet. 5 minutes after I heard another bump. I went to grab a knife from the kitchen, but heard a bump again. I ran and grabbed a knife then went back to the living room. But then, the door slammed and I knew I was in trouble. I ran out the front door, because they came in through the back and ran to my neighbors house. I knocked on the door once. Twice. Thrice, but they didn’t respond. Oh god, I thought

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I skipped rocks on the lake, watching as they disappeared into the distance then splashed in the water. Skipping rocks was my way of thinking and calming down. I continued to skip rocks then moved to another spot. I skipped a rock but it immediately splashed in the water. What? I thought. I threw another one and the exact same thing happened. I shuffled around so I could see what was blocking the rocks. I was horrified. Two legs stuck out of the lakes water. I couldn’t even imagine what happened here, and I knew I definitely didn’t want to.

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100wc- My Holidays

I arrived at sister and my friend’s place from swimming. She came out the door.

“Bye Dad!” She said to her dad. We climbed into my mum’s car and she drived us to Jewel Station and dropped us off. She caught the train in to Melbourne Central station, went to Melbourne Central, and started our shopping spree. We went into shops and shops until we stopped for lunch.

“Oh my god I’m so hungry.” my sister said

“Me too.” We responded together

We ate our lunch then went to a couple more shops. Finally we had to go home. We went back home and just chilled out. Best. Day. Ever.

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I am Mietta

I am the grandaughter who loves her family

I am the student who works hard and tries

I am the sister who gives good advice

I am the swimmer who doesn’t give up

I am the girl who is European

I am the Melbournian who is Australian

I am the friend who makes people laugh

I am Mietta!