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Reading like a Writer. Title Of Book: Little Ania


  1. Ideas: In Little Ania the main idea is about a girl who isn’t quite normal and doesn’t eat normal food or sleep on normal beds and she gets sick because she doesn’t eat or sleep so she goes to the hospital. In the hospital she meets and old man who is different like her and she discovers what she likes to eat and where she likes to sleep so she goes to tell her mum (who was worried about her). In the end her mum is different exactly like her and they share their differences together. I think the authors purpose in this was to Entertain because it wasn’t an information text or a persuasive text either.

  1. Organization: The organisation in this story was good. The starting hooked me in because it said “Little Ania was a very unusual little girl.” And it made me want to find out what was unusual about Ania. The ending was good as well because it linked it to something that was known about Ania, in this case, her hair.


  1. Voice: The voice in this story was to me showing that the author had been been writing about this from something personal that had happened e.g. met someone who was unusual because of the creativity in the story. Also I think the audience this story was targeted at was older year levels because I think some younger kids would find it harder to understand concepts that were in the story.


  1. Word Choice: The word choice in this story was interesting, some of the words the author had used had really made me engage more in the story. E.g. how they said “wiry mop of black hair” instead of just saying her messy hair and it engaged me more and made me more interested in the story.


  1. Sentence Fluency: This text’s sentence fluency was very nice and fluent. They used a lot of sound effects like saying how Little Ania used to growl when she couldn’t sleep or scream if she didn’t want to play with her dolls. And the sentences were very fluent, for example when I was reading it, it all made sense and there wasn’t really any mistakes that I could find.


  1. Conventions: In this text from what I read I couldn’t spot any spelling errors. I know that the author probably read through it and had other people to read through it to make sure that the spelling was perfect and that there wasn’t many spelling errors. As for the punctuation and grammar everything made sense from what I read and the punctuation was good, for example they would use exclamation marks for parts that were meant to be spoken louder and full stops for the normal endings.

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