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Project Reflection For Semester 2



This term the 5/6s topic was animal adaptations, we focused on desert animals and plants that have adapted to help them survive in their harsh desert environment. My partner was Noah and the animal we got was the Greater Bilby. We had 2-3 weeks to make a project on our animal consisting of a model, diagram, experiment and a PowerPoint or other way to show the adaptations and facts of our animal or plant. I think that my partner and I worked well as we got the project done by the deadline. We presented well infront of the class and the only thing we needed to work on was to share the roles a bit more equally, in the end we got voted to present in front of all of the 5/6s. We executed the PowerPoint very well and only made few mistakes.


3 Facts I found interesting or surprising:

  • The Greater Bilby doesn’t need to drink water, it gets all the water it needs from the food it eats.
  • They are an endangered species.
  • They have a relative (The Lesser Bilby) which is believed to be extinct.

2 Understandings that I now have:

  • I now understand that all animals/plants have adaptations and features to help them to survive in their environment.
  • I also now understand that the survival of animals and plants are affected by the conditions of their environment.

1 Wondering I still have:

  • I still wonder about how many Greater Bilby’s are left (because they are endangered)


Class Lessons:

During the class lessons on adaptations I think I focused really well and that helped me to understand more. The lessons gave me an idea of what we should include in our projects and helped me to understand what I should research in order to make a good presentation. The lessons on labelling the camel’s adaptations helped me to know how to research when I was looking for adaptations on my animal.


Researching with my partner:

I think the research with my partner went really well. I researched the adaptations while Noah researched the general facts and what our animal was. We researched for homework and then brought the facts back to school to put in our PowerPoint. We shared the roles of what we needed to do quite equally. I did most of the PowerPoint, Noah did the diagram and we both did the experiment and the model together. In the end we had a pretty good project and we were proud about what we both did.


The excursion to the aquarium:

The excursion was really interesting. I learnt a lot about adaptations and it helped me to understand more about them. I learnt about many different animals with different adaptations that helped to survive in their harsh desert and artic environments.


What were the most important things that I learnt:

The most important things that I learnt were what an adaptation was. That one fact was the backbone of our project and if I didn’t know and understand what an adaptation was then I wouldn’t be able to make a whole project on them. Another important thing that I learnt was the tier 3 vocabulary which helped me to make my project more interesting and more mature.


How did I learn it:

I learnt what an adaptation was because of the lessons we did in class and by the 3rd lesson I understood exactly what an adaptation was and did. I learnt a lot of my vocab from the lessons as well, but I also learnt some from the aquarium and reading about them while researching for my animal.


What am I going to do with what I learnt:

With my knowledge of adaptations and changes I’m going to use them when I go to high school. I think that this knowledge will really help me in the future when I need to know about this and it will help if I already       do. I also might use this at university. If I have to take a class about adaptations or something like that then it would be good that I already know what it is. And maybe if I have kids then I could pass that knowledge on to them in the future if they need to know about that.



In conclusion I think that this topic on animal adaptations was a fun and great learning experience. Even though it was hard when we finished it ended up being a fun experience. I think that my partner and I worked really well together and always asked each other if we needed help. I wasn’t partnered with someone I usually work with or one of my friends and that helped me to work faster, more efficiently and not get distracted as easily. The next time I work with a partner even if it is my friend then I would know even though I would want to get distracted that I shouldn’t and should finish the task. Overall I think that this topic was a really fun and useful learning experience for me.

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BTN- Pet Sales

This BTN was about cats and dogs and how some breeding places they can be mistreated. The police and the RSPCA rescued 119 small dogs and 6 cats from a breeder in Victoria. Places like that are often referred to kitten or puppy farms, they breed a lot of animals to sell and sometimes keep them in bad conditions. The RSPCA says that they have been investigating almost 40 over the past year (2016, was a BTN from last year). I now understand that some places where people sell cats or dogs that sometimes they can be treated very badly. Why do people treat animals so badly? Do other animals get treated bad or is it just cats and dogs?

BTN- Pet Sales

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Life Story Of a Spoon

Hello my name is Spoon and this is my beginning. I was born in Gordan Ramsay’s Cutlery Factory in Germany. When I was two months old my parents abandoned me. I now have foster parents, I have grown very close to them but I still love my real family. When I was one I got transported to the US. I was the only spoon in a box of knives. All of the butter knives were being rude to me. I felt small and low-key. I felt scared and alone. I felt like I had no body. Then almost when I had lost faith in the world, a small cheese knife joined me in my loneliness.

“Hey, my name is Knife, sorry about my cousins they can be really mean sometimes.”

“It’s okay,” I managed “My name’s Spoon.”


After the plane ride we got taken to a house. When the box was opened a tall sturdy man looked down on us. He carefully pulled out some knives and luckily took interest in me. When I got placed in the cutlery draw I noticed the small cheese knife who had spoken to me earlier crying her eyes out. “What’s wrong?” I asked innocently. A flashback hit me. We were back in the dark box. Knife walked over to talk. I noticed her family behind her then, life flashed back to reality, her family wasn’t there.


When I was two I was taken out of the cutlery draw and so was Knife. Then we noticed a scared fork being roughly placed on the table. The small fork looked very anxious and looked like this was his first time away from his family so we greeted him and later on became great friends.


Now I am older and even though I am still great friends with Knife, fate lead Fork and I on a different path… to love. Fork and I have been happily married for five months and have recently received news that I was pregnant with our baby, this news filled us with great joy but a week after I suffered from a minor head injury. I had been illegally placed in the top draw of a dishwasher, which unfortunately caused me to suffer from a minor head injury as the plates and bowls had been moving around. Although I am recovering well Fork still has his doubts about our unborn baby, but we’ve assured him it will be fine.


My dream in life is to become a leading figure for women. I want to show people that everyone is equal. And I want to show men that we should have the same rights and every spoon, fork and knife should be treated equally and with respect. I am lucky to have found a man who treats me the way that I want to be treated.


Sometimes I think about how lucky I am to have lived this life. Sometimes I sit and wonder about how different my life would’ve been if I never met Fork. Fork has leaded and supported me through some of the hardest times of my life and I couldn’t have been more grateful. I always remember my life. From how I started out, a scared spoon who had been raised by foster parents, then making friends with Knife and finally starting a family with the love of my life.


I hope that Fork and my beautiful baby move on in life. If Fork and I ever decide to split up or choose different paths in our lives, I will always remember him as the kind and loving husband who has changed my life from being a journey into an adventure.


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100wc week #10

I walked towards the dark room, thunder rumbling all around me. I pushed the creaky door open and stepped inside. I looked around the room. Photos hung on every wall and the ground was covered  in newspapers and articles, it looked like someone had been investigating in here, I thought. I moved further into the room as I noticed a box lying on a chair and stepped towards it. I looked at the door when lightning struck and in the flash of lightning I saw a figure of a person. I ran out  of the room, only to find myself trapped. I should never have gone in here, I thought.