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BTN- Battle of the Coral Sea

This BTN was about the battle of the coral sea and how it impacted a lot of people. In 1942 in the middle of ww2 when Australia needed some help, they called over America but a few months earlier japan bombed America in Hawaii which brought them into the war. Japan wanted to take over most countries around the whole pacific region and decided to get to some of them through the coral sea. But some people found out that they were going to do that so went out to intercept japan. I now know that the battle of the coral sea left a big mark in history. Why did Japan want to take over? How many people were killed?

One thought on “BTN- Battle of the Coral Sea

  1. These facts about your video you watched are great. As I was reading through I found that the word japan was not in capital so really that was the only mistake I found but good job!

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