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BTN- Cashless Society

BTN- Cashless Society

This BTN was about how Australia is slowly using less cash and how we might become a society where we don’t use cash/coins and notes. Australians are starting to use less cash and more credit cards/ tap and go and mobile pay. Some people say that we could become a cashless society in around 2020 meaning we won’t use cash, just credit cards, phones and other things. Some people aren’t sure about it because things like charity’s and buskers need to be paid in cash. I now understand that people are slowly stopping using cash and in the future we might not even need it. Are people sure that, that might happen? Why are people stopping using cash?

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100wc week #5

I stared wide eyed at the family car.

” Ummm….. mum! Can you come please, the storm did more than we think it did!” My mum walked outside.

“What’s wrong Rebecc- oh” she said as she had just noticed what I was looking at.

“Umm…” she said “It doesn’t matter… we can get the firetruck to help.”

“Okay.” I said. I stared at the car high up in the tree, but how could it have gotten up there, I thought, I mean, there was a storm with really strong winds… but how. I said staring.

“Don’t worry!” My mum said as she ran out of the house “The firetruck’s coming.”

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100wc week #4

I looked desperately around the house for a hiding spot. I searched under chairs, in cupboards and behind doors but they were all to easy for her to find me. I heard her slow counting as I still couldn’t find a hiding spot. I ran to the bedroom. Nowhere. To the bathroom. Nowhere. To the living room. Nowhere.  “I’m coming, ready or not she yelled.” Damn it, I thought. I heard her footsteps becoming louder and closer. I heard her whistling become more high pitched. I ran and as I did bumped into a wall. But instead or hurting myself I went through it.

“WOAH….” I said