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100wc week #3- Hard, Beautiful, Brown, Worried, Camera

I stared wide eyed at the beautiful deer,  camera in hand. I kneeled behind the hard, brown rocks aiming my camera at the deer. I aimed it carefully trying to get it in focus as I heard a loud screech in the distance. The deer looked up, alarmed and worried, and stared at the vast, snowy mountains. It was quite. All you could hear was the sound of the snowflakes gently touching the white ground. The deer slowly turned it’s head towards me and his pupils dilated. I slowly turned around and saw a wolf with it’s sharp teeth bared.

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BTN- Refugees

This BTN was about a refugee who traveled from overseas. Ahn Do traveled overseas from Vietnam when he was only two years old. It took 5 days and then he made it to Australia. When Ahn Do was on the ship they had two pirate attacks and one of them the pirate threatened to throw his little brother overboard. Was it hard when he traveled to Australia? Did he want to move to Australia? I now understand that people had to move to diferent countries and I know that they were very lucky to be able to.

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BTN- Federation Explained

This BTN was about how the different colonies of Australia formed together to make one big country. Back in the day Australia was made up of different colonies/ sections (Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia, Northern Territory, New South Wales and Tasmania) which all had different rules, laws and beliefs. In 1901, with the permission of Great Britain joined together to make one big colony. The bigger colonies with more people (Victoria and New South Wales) thought that if they joined together with the lesser colonies they would have to provide food and resources to them and they didn’t want to. I now understand that if the colonies stayed apart than life would be very different. Did the colonies fight a lot about joining together? Did Great Britain want Australia to form into one colony or did they not?

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100wc week 2- But how can something so tiny…

I eyed the goldfish closely with confusion. But how can something so tiny, I thought,

“CAUSE THIS MUCH DESTRUCTION!” I yelled while pointing around the room. The room was wrecked. The TV was smashed and pulled out from the wall, the couches had been flipped upside down and the carpet was covered in multicolored stains of red, purple and green  Mum will be home soon, what could I do?

” This is your fault.” I said pointing at the fish. I wanted to kill it, strangle it, drown it! Wait what? I thought. Then the door opened and mum came in, she stared wide eyed and the room then at me…

“I can explain….”

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100wc week 1- So that is why I am always last

So thaaat’s why I’m always last… no wonder, I thought. Well now that I know the reason that I’m always last I  don’t want to be last anymore.

“Teacher… can I be the person at the start of the roll please?”

“What! No! Simon, I just told you, your at the end of the roll because of your last name!”

“Well… can I change my last name?”

“When your eighteen, yes but not when your seven.”

“Oh.” I sighed sadly. I stared out the window and vaguely saw a sign saying free ice cream, and knew  that would probably make me happy.

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BTN- Two convicts steal a place in history

This was about how two people stole and made a place in history. When people stole or committed a crime people usually became convicts and got transported but for these two people it was different. They changed the rules for the two people because they wanted to set an example and show people if they stole that is what would happen. One of the men was very sick and had to be taken to hospital but unfortunately died five days later. I know understand that punishments in the old days are a lot more harsh than what they are now. How come only those people got chained instead of transported? Why wee the punishments so harsh and bad back then?


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My Place and BTN- Comparing- similarities and differences


  1. Both of them said that they might need to move or get rid of
  2. In both videos the people were unhappy about something- In the my place they were mad about the “Ghost People” and how she put out the fire, and in the BTN the people in England didn’t like getting killed/hung.


  1. The videos were based on different perspectives, one was the aboriginals seeing the first fleet coming and one was the first fleet seeing that the aboriginals were already there.
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School Camp- Surfing

“Ewww! Oh my god, these wetsuits are so sandy!”

“Yeah, well at least they’ll wash off in the water.” Ella said

“I guess.” I responded sliding it over my bathers and strutted out of the change rooms.


“Ok, so, first you paddle out then, put your arms on the sides of the board, then  push yourself up so you’re kneeling and stand. But make sure you stay low, ok? So try it on your own now. Remember push, kneel and stand. Go.”  This is easy, I thought after I practiced it 10 times.

“Ok now…” he paused “INTO THE WATER!” The instructor yelled


I ran into the water as fast as I could. Well as fast as I could while holding a 50 ton surf board under my arm. Which basically meant I was just walking as fast as I could to the water. As I slowly walked to the beach I noticed how when the board had been dragging across the damp sand it left a long trail from where I started dragging it to where I was. Before I could start to make a pattern in the sand with my board I heard a happy squeal noticing that Sarah (the pro surfer) had already caught her first wave, like a boss.


I leaped into the water when it was deep enough and felt the refreshing water gently splash my face. As I swam in deeper I noticed a large wave forming in the distance. I swam closer to it and watched as I was only 100 meters away from me. I started to turn my heavy board around. I started to paddle and looked behind me as the wave started to crash on the right hand and left hand side. Then I was in the middle of the wave. As both side of the waves crashed together in the middle it propelled me through the clear water. I slowly started to stand on my board and felt as the wave pushed me to the shallower end. When I was standing up I felt the cool afternoon breeze on my face and the droplets of saltwater splashing on my feet as I moved swiftly through the water. Then when the time was right I jumped off my board and stepped into the water. As I dragged my board in deeper after I caught my wave I felt proud and content. I caught my next wave with excitement and knew that it definitely wouldn’t be my last.