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Letter about me!!

Hi, my name is Mietta but a lot of people call me by my nickname Miette. I recently turned 11 on the 6th of January and had a small but nice get together at the beach. My background is Greek and Italian so I am basically full European except for the fact that I was born in Australia. I like hanging out with my friends, Cooking and just doing fun stuff.

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My mums name is Evelyn and her background is Greek, she likes writing and plans on writing a book. My dad’s name is Vito and his background is Italian he is a photographer and takes all the end of year graduation pictures. I also have a sister called Melina who is in year 8 and is very annoying but I still love her. I also had a beautiful cat who was called Isis (named after the Egyptian goddess not the terrorist group) but she recently passed away last November due to a tumour that was behind her eye causing her to not being able to see very well. I will always remember her as the best and 1st cat that I had and loved. I can now think about her and not being sad that she passed but grateful about the amazing time that I spent loving her with all my heart. I hope that the next pet I get will be a kitten but my mums wants us to get a Yorkshire terrier (that’s a dog). I also have a great bunch of friends who always are by my side when I need them and if something is bothering me they will always help me get through it. Even  though they annoy me at times I still love them. My close friends are Ella, Stella, Sarah, Charli, Tiana and Ebony.


The best trip I ever went to was in Europe in 2015, it was when I went to Greece for 3 weeks and France for 2 so I was gone for 5 weeks in total. In Greece I went to a lot of different places, I went to Athens (three times), Spetses, Thessaloniki, Kastoria, Ioannina and Delphi. They all were an amazing experience and I learnt so much Greek and about the history and culture. My favourite place that I went to in Greece would probably be Spetses because of the amazing beaches but my favourite relaxing place would have been Ioannina because all we did was spend time with Greek friends, shopped and relaxed. Then in France I went to the Loire valley and Paris. I loved going to Paris because I got to see all the amazing things (the Eiffel tower, the louvre and other museums) and go to France’s version of Myer Galleries Lafayette.


So that’s all about me!! (That’s I can think about right now). So ya……. Baiiiiiiiiiiii!!! Because I really don’t know how to end this letter!

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Safer Internet Day Reflection 2017

-What did the webinar cover? 

Today we were involved in a webinar chat which talked about safe use of your accounts and posts online and how that is your digital footprint. It talked about how if you post something online then that can lead to people leaving hate comments, hackers, people trying to steal your personal information e.g. phone number, address etc. or people messaging you and threatening you, by being mean and making you upset. It also said that if you get famous online then you can be stalked, a lot of people will try to hack your account and you loose a lot of your privacy rights. Everyone has the right to feel safe and secure, to be different and to have their privacy to be private. If you’re feeling sad or upset about something online then you should always talk to a trusted adult or go to the eSaftey Website.


– What behaviours did they talk about that we already do 

They spoke about how to react/respond to people hating or being rude on your account, they said to talk to a trusted adult (parents, grandparents, auntie,uncle) or report it to someone. If you’re feeling unsafe online then you always have people to talk to so always remember that you are not alone.


– A goal to set for future internet use

If someone messages me in a rude, threatening, mean or scary way then I will make sure to always tell a trusted adult and make sure that I don’t keep everything to myself. I will always know that I am not alone and I always have someone to talk to