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Teaching astronomy and space 321 reflection

This video was about how humans grew to understand more about the solar system and also about our galaxy and the cosmos. The ancient Greeks thought that the sun and stars had to be moving and not the earth otherwise we would have felt it. The Greeks drew the solar system as the earth in the middle, then the moon opposite it and then the sun opposite the moon. And then the stars all rotating around the earth in a circle. Then one day they found that something didn’t move in a circle but back and forth so the Greeks model had to change. Then astronomers developed more complex models with even more circles.  Then one day an even better model was formed when astronomers put the sun in the middle of our solar system. Mars was actually the thing that moved backwards and forwards across the night sky. Then one day Galileo built the telescope when people finally found out about the actual representation of our solar system. Now in the current model all of the planets orbit around the sun and this meant that if the sun and stars moved across the sky then the earth must be rotating. I now understand about how people grew to learn more about the solar system and how the models of the solar system changed over time as we grew to learn more about space. How did people even first think about space when they weren’t 100% sure it existed? Why did people start getting interested in space and astronomy?

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E Safety 321 Reflection

3 Things we learnt were:

  1. A new type of password is an emoji password, which is stronger and more effective.
  2.  2 factor authentication is another layer of security that protects your privacy more. They do this by asking for an extra piece of information (e.g. a code) that no one else knows and sends it to your phone. Without this piece of information, you cannot get whatever you have ordered.
  3. There are two websites called Scam watch and ACORN that help users report hackers or scams.


2 things we’ll do:

  1. Make more passwords with emojis and make them stronger.
  2.   Whenever there is a complex scam, we will report it to a trusted adult or cyber safety website.


1 piece of critical feedback:

  1.  Presented their information using pictures, interacting with the audience with audio and using a live chat really well.
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BTN- Humans in space

This video talked about how humans have increased their knowledge about space by going into space. Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin were the first astronauts on the moon. People are thinking about getting people to live on mars for their lives for a TV show. Some space companies actually have space tours if people want a turn to be in space. I now understand that our knowledge about astronomy and space has improved a lot and how we are still trying to discover more. Are astronomers completely sure that mars has the correct requirements to live there? When do astronomers think they will start sending people into space?

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BTN- The future of space exploration

This video showed how we might be living on mars in the next 40-100 years. When this all starts there is a spaceship with 450 tons of cargo for mars, this spaceship will be launched into orbit with a massive rocket booster, when this is completed this rocket will be much bigger than NASA’s ‘ Saturn V’ rocket. The rocket would be powered by 42 raptor engines, space X did their first test of the the engine and this engine actually runs on methane. When the rocket goes into space the 2nd part of it will detach and float down to earth in the original position then when its in the position another top part of the space ship is connected to the bottom and then sent into space again and so on. I now understand that astronomers are working really hard to try and get our future of space exploration to be understandable and to one day send astronauts and other people into space and to mars. Why did astronomers choose mars to be our future home? Do astronomers think that in the future people would be able to deal with moving to mars one day?

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space food

This video was about how it’s a lot harder to eat food in space than on earth. The food comes in wrappers or boxes to stop them from floating around. You need to use straws to eat somtimes. The drinks come in a slip and you need to drink them with a straw. I now know that it is harder to eat in space than on earth. Do astronauts get nutrition when they are eating in space or not? If you had a water and it was in space, would it float?