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BTN- Oil Drilling


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This BTN was about how Australia uses our oil supply, the big impact that it has on humans, wildlife and plants, how people try to get more oil and how people are fighting about the use of oil and how people dig it up and collect it. 

Oil is one of the very expensive things because it is hard to collect and almost everything needs it like electricity, make roads and power types of transport. Some people think that there could be a lot of oil in the ocean next to the Great Australian Bite and are thinking about finding it. Our oil supply is running out and there isn’t anyway to make more of it, oil takes millions of years of pressure and dead things piling up on the bottom of the ocean to form, that is why oil is usually found at the bottom of the ocean. 

I now know that oil is a very expensive recourse and it takes years to collect. I also know that the oil supply in Australia is running low and that is why more machines need to collect the oil. Also there is some debate about weather or not the oil should actually be collected or if they should leave it alone because some people are nervous about weather the same thing with the oil spill that had happened in 2010, when around about 800 000 oil started spilling into the ocean and caused the sea animals to die or loose their habitat. 

Why did the oil from the boat spill in 2010, was there a crack in the boat of what happened? When will the people decide if they should continue collecting the oil or if they should stop using fossil fuels and just use natural stuff? 

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  1. Mietta- wow! Your BTN reflections have come so far (you should compare this to your reflections from earlier this year). You summarise the piece well, and your insights show you have been making connections. I also think your questions are thoughtful ones- Are there other reasons we should stop using fossil fuels that you might have made as connections as well?
    Well done,

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