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BTN- Oil Drilling


Summary- red

3 recalls- aqua

2 questions- pink

Insights- lime 

This BTN was about how Australia uses our oil supply, the big impact that it has on humans, wildlife and plants, how people try to get more oil and how people are fighting about the use of oil and how people dig it up and collect it. 

Oil is one of the very expensive things because it is hard to collect and almost everything needs it like electricity, make roads and power types of transport. Some people think that there could be a lot of oil in the ocean next to the Great Australian Bite and are thinking about finding it. Our oil supply is running out and there isn’t anyway to make more of it, oil takes millions of years of pressure and dead things piling up on the bottom of the ocean to form, that is why oil is usually found at the bottom of the ocean. 

I now know that oil is a very expensive recourse and it takes years to collect. I also know that the oil supply in Australia is running low and that is why more machines need to collect the oil. Also there is some debate about weather or not the oil should actually be collected or if they should leave it alone because some people are nervous about weather the same thing with the oil spill that had happened in 2010, when around about 800 000 oil started spilling into the ocean and caused the sea animals to die or loose their habitat. 

Why did the oil from the boat spill in 2010, was there a crack in the boat of what happened? When will the people decide if they should continue collecting the oil or if they should stop using fossil fuels and just use natural stuff? 

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100wc week #7 a sound


Will you just be quiet, please!! I thought in my head while I was reading behind one of the seats in the MCG. Everyone was just being so loud. Why can’t I just be like SILENCE! And everyone would be quiet like in Harry Potter. I guess life doesn’t work that way. Anyway I just don’t understand why mum made me come, she knows I hate footy. I struggled to read while also hearing the screaming croud like, COME ON LOUIS, YOU CAN DO IT!! or, NO DON’T PASS IT TO JERERMY, PASS IT TO PHILLIP! Then I got sick of it, I popped my head up from behind the seat and the moment I did the ball went straight into my face.


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BTN- Olyimpic Success

red -summary

green 3 recalls

blue 1 insight

pink 2 questions


this BTN was about how much money we spend on the Olympic games and if it helps us win anything. Australia spends 12 million dollars on gold medals. 340 million dollars was spent when coaching and training the Australian team. the Olympic gold medal is actually only worth a few 100 dollars. i now know that Australia spends a lot more money on the Olympics than other countries do. does Australia still use that much money? have Australia changed the way they use the money yet?

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100wc week #6 Black Flamingo Extraordinary Poked Underneath


i heard music , like that cliche horror movie music. even though it wasn’t actually playing. Oh, sorry, how rude of me I didn’t even introduce myself, well i am the black flamingo and i am being hunted right now for my black feathers. as i heard yelling my gaze immediately went to the hunters and their extraordinary weapons. they were doing anything to find me. they had poked bushes with their  spears and even looked underneath large rocks to see if there was a space underneath it. i went out from my hiding spot when they were gone and stepped onto a vine. it was a trap. i was caught

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Camp Reflection- The Questacon Slide


“Wow that’s really big,” I said, voice shaking as I looked at the tall vertical drop. Should I do it or should I not? I thought. The “Vertical Drop” was a tall slide, 7 meters high and was really scary.

“I’m going to do it, are you?” Ella asked

“Yeah……I am….” I decided, still a little bit unsure


Time flew past and I was already at the front of the line waiting to go up the tall steps which led up to the terrifying slide. Then I was called, with a few other people, to go up the steps to the slide. When I got to the top, it felt like time was faster, and there before I knew it I was hanging on to the bar I was about to let go of in 3 seconds and plunge onto a 7 metre drop. I heard my name being cheered. I felt my hands on the bar.

3, 2, 1. I had let go……..


When you went down the slide, you didn’t even know that you were falling 7 meters from the air. It felt like only for a millisecond that you were falling. And when it was over, well mine never ended. At the end of the slide I flew into the air, I flew over the top of the slide trying to get everyone’s attention, but they didn’t notice me. They were all looking at the person who was on the slide. But there wasn’t anyone actually on the slide. I flew down and sat on the end of the slide and everyone cheered. They could see me again.


I got off the slide and ran as fast as I could to see Ella.

“Ella, Ella did you see me? How did I do? Was my flying good?”

“Wow, wow, wow Miette you didn’t fly….But we did a good job on the slide for our first time,”

“But I flew…..”

“No you didn’t fly, C’mon lets go have another turn……


I was still standing there as confused as I had ever been in my whole life trying to figure out what just happened. Then it came to me, it sounded so dumb like the dumbest thing ever. Like the dumbest thing in the history of dumb things.

“Miette, do you want to have another turn or not?” Ella was saving me a spot in the line…

“Yep, coming!”

I was still confused about what just happened. But it seemed as though nobody saw it. Nobody remembered it. So I guess I should forget about it too.

“I think this turns going to be a better one than last.” Ella said

“Yeah me too…”   I said with a massive smile on my face.

3, 2, 1 DROP

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100WC week #4 …as I stared into the water it began to turn green…

why is it so hot? i sat inside in front of the air con waiting for it to cool me down. then i decided. ” mum i’m going to the pool, ok” ………….. no response……………..  ” ok, see ya.” i ran outside to the pool which i literally lived across from. ran in. and jumped in the cool refreshing water.  ” ice cream!” i ran out of the pool to go get some. i went to the counter and no one was there. so i left my money on the counter. i walked outside and realized know one was there. then i stared into the water as it began to turn green…..

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BTN- Comparison between the Haiti earthquake and the Chile earthquake

BTN- earthquakes

the Haiti and the Chile earthquake were both very dangerous. these are comparisons between the two of them. 

the Haiti earthquake killed 250,000 people whereas the Chile earthquake only killed about 500

the magnitude of the Chile earthquake was 8.8 but the magnitude of the Haiti earthquake was 7.





this BTN was about the two earthquakes (Haiti and Chile) and the different ways they effected the country. the Haiti earthquake killed 250,000 people. the Chile earthquake was a magnitude of 8.8. the two earthquakes only happened two months apart. Did anyone help the country after the earthquakes hit? How come the magnitude of the Chile and Haiti earthquakes Chile was bigger but killed less people? I understand how earthquakes can effect country’s and how it is bad. 

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Happy Principals Day

This is a piece of writing that is about our schools NEW vice principal, Barbara!


Dear Barb,

Happy (vice) Principal Day! Our school is very grateful that you are our new vice principal and are happy to have you here at Moonee Ponds Primary School. I think that you are doing the job as the vice principal very well and you are fitting in really well at our school and making it fun and happy here. I also think that it was really nice and helpful of you to help out for the three way conference. 3 CHEERS FOR BARBARA!