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Science Reflection on Chemistry Unit

This term my science goals were solids, liquids and gases have different observable properties and behave in different ways. With guidance, plan appropriate investigation methods to answer questions or solve problems.


I have achieved my two goals, I have achieved my 1st goal (solids, liquids and gases have different observable properties and behave in different ways) by watching all of the videos that included good information about this and I took down notes of them, I also achieved this goal by in my experiment I was melting ice (which is a solid) and turning into water (which is a liquid) and we were OBSERVING how they behave.


I also achieved my 2nd goal (With guidance, plan appropriate investigation methods to answer questions or solve problems) by in my experiment I have been working hard and trying my hardest and we achieved expectations on our rubric the expected level and got a little of the above expected level.



I think some things that I can improve on is being more focused and on task and being able to understand everything that I say and present. I also think that I can improve on not being stressed about my project and relax about it because there is nothing that I need to worry about but sometimes it will overwhelm me. I could improve this by being more organised and maybe making a set of goals in my head about what I could do to make my presentation as good as possible. I could also make sure that the person I work with doesn’t slow me or distract me and my learning.



I have learnt that about physical and chemical changes like I now know the clues of a chemical of physical change they are:


  • A new colour appears
  • Heat or light is given off
  • Bubbles of gas are given off
  • Solid materials forms into the liquid
  • The change is hard to reverse ( if you can’t reverse it, it is irreversible)


  • Freezing
  • Melting
  • Boiling + Dissolving
  • Cutting
  • Moulding

I have also learnt about reversible and irreversible changes a reversible change is when it can be changed directly back to its original constituents in their original state (molecules stay the same) an irreversible change is when you cannot easily reverse the change.


I have learnt that I work quite efficiently and I am always trying my hardest to get my work done and finished before I have fun.

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100wc week #22 Violin, Eaten, Yellow, Airplane, Swept


My goal in this 100wc is to use the words in good and interesting sentences.

The screams of my fans were yelling out my name:
” Angelina Marinette ” I walked inside and my fans watched as my hair swept to the side with a flick. Inside my mansion the sound of the violin echoed in my ears then ” CRASH” the soothing sound was broke with the crack of our yellow vase.
” Do you want to be fed because you have eaten in 1 hour,”
” Meow,”
I looked to my side and saw my son’s paper airplane on the small coffee table. I threw the paper airplane to my cat and my cat ran away leaving a trail of small paw prints on the rug.

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BTN- Paris attacks

BTN- Paris attacks

RED summary

Blue 3 recalls

Pink 1 Understanding

Green 2 questions


This BTN was about how France got attacked by terrorists. When the terrorist attacks happened 129 people died. And a lot more were injured. The terrorist group Isis were claimed responsible for the attack. A lot of people died and that people are trying to help France. Why did the Isis have to attack France? Were the government trying to stop them?

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Using Excel for making graphs in class

data for graph3
this graph was the original copy from antsclass: antsclass




This type of graph is a line graph, a line graph is used to show change over time. The features of this graph are the temperatures ( on the vertical axis) and the years which are on the horizontal axis. This graph is the best option for this data because it shows the average global temperatures over the years of 1860, 1880, 1900, 1920, 1940, 1960, 1980, 2000 and line graphs are the best option for showing change over time.

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100wc week #21 a whistle blew and everyone disappeared


 link to website: 100wc


My goal in this 100wc is to use a different style/genre of writing ( poem)



Our town was clogged with smoke


Half of the people were out on the street


Something seemed incomplete

And maybe that was because it was

I walked

I ran

I sped home

Tonight was

The night

When everything happened

Anything will happen

Anything can happen

People ran to their houses

Their farms 

Their families

Thunder crashed

Lightning struck

The ground shook

Everyone remained silent




The villagers remained quiet

 A man

In a black suit

With a black hat

Walked in

The town gates

A whistle blew

And everyone






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BTN- Rabbit Restrictions







This BTN was about how rabbits are banned in Queensland, why and if we can make unbanned. Rabbits are banned in Queensland. If you are seen owning a rabbit in Queensland this could happen to you:

  • OR A 44,000 FINE

The rules are so strict because for a long time rabbits have started breeding more so more rabbits ate the farmer’s crops and food. Why can’t people even have a domestic rabbit as their pet? Who came up with the rule of people not being able to have rabbits?  Some people are trying to fight against the law in Queensland about having no rabbits.

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Class Masters speech- what would our lives look like if we could see oxygen


Hello 5/6c and Antony, today I will be talking about what our lives would be like if we could see oxygen. Remember air and oxygen are all around us.



Air and oxygen are actually two different things, air is a mixture of nitrogen and oxygen while oxygen is just a pure gas element. Oxygen is produced through a process called PHOTOSYNTHSIS where the trees absorb carbon dioxide and let out oxygen. It’s kind of like us breathing in oxygen and letting out carbon dioxide but they do it the other way round.



The oxygen percentage in our air is only 21%, Nitrogen generally makes up 78%, and the last one percent is a mix of carbon dioxide, helium, hydrogen, argon and neon.



Why is oxygen invisible?

Oxygen is invisible because it doesn’t absorb light whereas other gases have the ability TOO absorb light.



Some good things that would happen if you could see oxygen would be:

If you were ever happen to be in an enclosed or dangerous room then you would be able to see how much oxygen there is in that room.



Some bad things would be that it would be a little bit. Imagine if you were in a forest then you would probably see more oxygen in that forest than in a polluted area because there are more trees in a forest and yet again trees produce oxygen.



In conclusion our perspective towards oxygen would be different to what it is now.


REFLECTION OF CLASS MASTERS SPEECH- what would our lives look like if we could see oxygen

When I was making my prepared speech the difficulties I faced were, that when I was researching I tried to research my question (what would our lives look like if we could see oxygen) and I realised that there was no actual answer to the question, this was hard because instead of being able to research my topic I had to use my imagination because there was no actual true, correct answer to the question. Some of the things that I did well in my speech were:

  • Having small cue cards
  • Not looking down at my cue cards a lot
  • Goods Facts and Information
  • Good public speaking skills

I think that some work habits that I can change so I can achieve higher results would be to, start thinking about my speech earlier (don’t leave it to the last minute) and try to focus a little bit more about answering the question in more depth. Some subjects that I can use speaking and listening is:

  • Debating
  • Speeches
  • Presentations/ Projects

Some things that were done well were:

  • Everyone spoke loudly
  • Everyone answered their question in their speech
  • People researched
  • People understood their topic
  • Had a good time performing

Some things that you can avoid when public speaking are, a quiet voice, not a lot of eye contact and showing that you are nervous. I think some things I can do better next time are:

  • Researching more
  • Practice a bit more
  • Try to show that I’m not nervous


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Buddies- FOOD FACES!


Today in buddies we made healthy food faces. The preps did this because their topic is healthy food.

In the end the prep buddies and 5/6 buddies got to eat their healthy food sandwiches and had an AWESOME time!

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100wc week #20


My goal in this 100wc is to include questions.

I was watching that statue, wherever it went, staring at either its brown body or how surprisingly shiny it was. And I’m sure it moved.  Everyday I saw it, one time it was down Mintly Avenue, another time I caught a glimpse of it down Cavet Street and I’m sure that only yesterday I saw it in the middle of the market. I didn’t know what it was going to do. Would it kill anyone? What if it was a real person……? I was hyperventilating, I was scared.  Then it was sitting next to a real person…….

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BTN- Savannah Cats


RED- summary

GREEN- 3 recalls

BLUE- 2 questions

PINK- 1 insight


This BTN was about Savannah cats and how they affect Australia. Savannah cats were introduced to Australia. Savannah cats are fast, agile and can jump really high. The Savannah cat are part normal domestic cast and part African serval.   If Savannah cats get let out or lost then they could kill many of our native animals.  Why were Savannah cats introduced to Australia in the first place? What things are the government doing to stop the Savannah cats from killing our native animals?