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100wc week #19 the flame flickered then went out


My goal in this 100wc is to use descriptive adjectives.

I crouched as I walked through the old mansion. My heart was beating fast. My breath was so quick that felt as though I had a rock up my throat. I slowly walked forwards clutching onto the cold, metal, lantern that I held onto for my life. A gush of wind came through making the flame of my candle flicker. I took only two more steps and then came the last burst of wind that made the flame of the candle flicker and then go out. I was in the dark.

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BTN- Show Dogs

LINK: BTN- Show Dogs

Red- summary

Blue- 3 recalls

Pink- 1 insight

Green- 2 questions


This BTN was about how some dogs get chosen to do things on stage and it takes a lot of training and practice. The dogs that perform on stage need a lot of training. The people who run the show want a mix of dogs performing. A lot of the dogs have to train hard, so after they get treats. Who are all the show dogs that have ever performed? The dogs that are in the show have a lot of difficult roles and actions that they need to work towards. What qualities do you need to be a show dog? Who are all the show dogs that have ever performed?

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100wc (not homework) I GOT THIS HAT!

I traveled around Paris, staring at the Eiffel Tower  with awe! One night I took the metro with my owner and her family. I hoped I wouldn’t fall off. Later, we went for ice-cream, it looked really yum since it was in a flower shape. Too bad I don’t have a mouth….. The next day my owner woke up, and put me on! I was in the opera house that day, but not for long. Soon enough I ended up in my owners bag, I mean seriously!! I ended up in the baggage area. Later that night the wind blew roughly and I fell, into a dirty, wet, puddle….

WIN_20160525_120303 THIS IS MY HAT!!!!!!

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100WC week #18 Silence Orange Thunder Pyjamas Swam

My goal for this 100wc is to try to use descriptive and engaging  but short sentences.


My house was silent except for the dripping of the kitchen tap. I looked out of the windows and saw the massive thunderclouds building up. I turned on the TV and a five minutes later I heard loud thunder.

“Honey, I’m home,” My mum said as she came in through the front door.

“Hey mum,”

“Do you want some orange? I just bought some.”

“No, I’m okay.” Time passed and now it was 8:30 I slipped on my pyjamas and settled down to read. By 9:30 I had drifted off thinking of how I swam in the big, blue ocean just this morning.

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BTN- Democracy what is it?


Red- summary

Green- 3 recalls

 Pink- 2 questions

Blue- 1 insight


This BTN was informing people about democracy and what it is.  The ancient Greeks made up democracy. Democracy comes from the Greek word demos = people. And kratos= power or rule. What year did democracy start? In Australia we have a democracy called REPRESENTATIVE DEMOCRACY. Is there a specific Greek that came up with democracy? 

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100wc week #17

             Please note that this prompt was used from Antony’s blog :  Ant’s blog

link: 100wc

My goal in this 100wc is to use suspense

I reached up to the sky as far as I could without falling off the steel ladder.

” Don’t fall, don’t fall, don’t fall ” I muttered under my breath with toes almost sliding off the top of the ladder.

” Winter come get to sleep, ” My mum yelled from inside ” You can do whatever you want to tomorrow. ”

” Fine.” I walked to my bed and before I went to sleep I said: ” I will get to that ladder…….”

The next day I was once again standing on top of the steel  ladder, I reached up and felt my hands grip  the first step…….

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BTN- Endangered Species

Link: BTN

Red- summary

Blue- 3 recalls

Pink- 1 insight

Green- 2 questi0ns


This BTN was about endangered species and how we more species were added to the endangered list. At the moment there are around 798 species that are vulnerable . 681 that are endangered. And there are 217 that are  critically endangered.  On the 8th and the 7th of may a lot of plants and animals were added to the endangered species list.  What types of things do people do to help endangered species? Is there anything else we can do?

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100wc week 16 SUDDENLY!

” So Lilly,” my Rose said to me, ” Truth or Dare?”
I thought about that for a while, ” DARE!” I decided
” Ok I dare you to… go into the basement, WITHOUT any lights on and open up the closet!”
“WHAT!! NO!!” The last time me and Rosie went in there a bunch of bats flew out at us….
” OK FINE!! But……. your coming with me.”
“Fine….” We slowly walked down the creaking steps to the basement, opened the door and went to the closet.
” I’m too scared!” I said. SUDDENLY the door slowly creaked open to find a beast staring at us with pupils like black holes…..

My goal for this 100wc is to include suspense and good vocab.

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BTN- Free Range

Here is the link to the BTN- BTN- Free Range

Pink- summary

Green- 3 recalls

Purple- 1 insight 

Blue- 2 questions


Lots of people are happy to pay a little bit extra for free range eggs, because they think that they are kinder to chickens. Some farmers are really mean to their chickens. Not all farmers that sell free range eggs actually agree and follow the meaning of “FREE RANGE”.  Different farmers have their chickens running freely for different amounts of time. Sometimes farmers say that they produce free range eggs when sometimes they actually don’t. Why don’t all farmers sell free range eggs? Why aren’t all farmers nice to their chickens?