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100wc week 15

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My goal for this weeks 100wc is to focus more on using similes.

My friend Jasmine, and I were walking along the sand of Pebble Beach.
” I’m hungry!” I said
” Me too!” Our stomachs growled like lions,
” Why don’t we go to Cafe Beach, then we will be full.
” Sure, I don’t mind!” We jogged to the cafe which was only 10 meters away, LITERALLY! We got takeaway, Jasmine got a sausage roll and I got a burger. So we were looking for a bin to put our rubbish in then noticed there was one further up. Hold on, there wasn’t just one… there were 7 all in a row…… UMMM…..

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BTN- Tech Challenge

Here is the link to this BTN: BTN tech challenge

Red- summary

Blue- 1 insight

Pink- 3 recalls

Green- 2 questions

This BTN was about how students are so addicted to technology. Kids are addicted to technology. Over 70% of year 7’s spend over 4 hours a day on technology. Kids should go outside more. If kids weren’t so addicted to technology then they might see that there are WAY more things to do. Why don’t parents limit the time on their electronics? Why do some kids think that they can only have fun with their electronics?

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semester 1 goals (check in)

We haven’t been working on vertical division or multiplication lately but I have been trying to practice it at home.


We also learnt a little bit of mass in science.


My goal in reading is to spot similes and that has helped me to understand them a bit more.


We have definitely learnt about the party’s in government and now I can explain what it’s all about.

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1st Term Goal Reflection-Government

During this unit I have achieved my goals…


1st Goal-

I have been able to explain what Australia’s Democracy is and when Australia became an independent country e.g. democracy is when everyone gets a say with voting, it is government by the people. In 1901 Australia became an independent country.


2nd Goal-

I am now able to explain and understand in detail what the three levels of government are:

Federal- When the government deals with issues that affect our country like immigration and defence

State- When the parliaments in each state or capitol territory deal with smaller issues e.g. electricity and schools.

Local- The local councils, issues like library’s, litter and parks.


3rd Goal- I can now understand that there are different points of view on different things that happen, and join into decision making in class. I have achieved this goal because one time in class we demonstrated how a bill turns into a law and there was the opposition, government and some independent parties. We all had a say when we were saying our speeches and in the end came up with the most appropriate decision.


4th Goal – To make sure to understand about responsibilities of leaders when at school, I have achieved this goal because when we had decision makers in our class they had a lot of responsibilities so if they were in the government it would be a lot harder to make decisions people agree with.


Literacy- I have been comprehending almost everything that I read about government and Australia’s democracy, I know this because I can explain what I have just read after I read it.


Numeracy- I understand how many politicians in a debate and how many people in a party there are 150 people in a party and there are also 150 people in a house of representatives debate. There are 76 people in a senate debate.


Personal Learning- In this unit of Government I will make sure to be stronger in my speaking skills and debating skills I have achieved this goal because one time we were doing a debate in class and we all had to come up with speeches and I said my speech and it was in front of the class so that was really good practice.

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100wc week 14 I put my hand in the box and felt…

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“Meggie, get the door!” My big sister yelled from upstairs. “Why can’t you!” I responded “Because, I need to be able to check my Instagram notifications every second!” “Katy, soooo dramatic” I mumbled “I actually heard that, now get the door!” In frustration, I went to the door, the man at the door was the postman, he said: “Parcel for Jennifer Hills.” Must be for mum, I thought. “Thanks!” I went into mum’s room, I had the massive temptation to open it….. And I did… I’m sorry…. I had to. I put my hand in the box and felt a soft, fluffy…….. KITTY!!

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BTN- Brussels Terror

Here is the link to the BTN: BTN brussels terror

This BTN was about how terrorists attacked Brussels  in Belgium. 31 people died. The terrorist group Islamic States says it was responsible. A lot of world leaders e.g. Malcom Turnbull, Barack Obama offered their support. I understand that Brussels was attacked by terrorists and that many people were injured and 31 died. Why did terrorists attack Brussels? Are people trying to fight against terrorists?


Red- summary

Pink- 3 recalls

Green- 1 insight

Aqua- 2 questions

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2nd term integrated goals-Science-Chemistry

This term we are learning about change in matter which is linked to chemistry. Here are my goals for this unit:

Chemistry Goals-

I understand:

  • Solids, liquids and gases have different observable properties and behave in different ways.

I can:

  • With guidance, plan appropriate investigation methods to answer questions or solve problems.

Math Goal:

  • Construct and use a range of representations, including tables and graphs, to represent and describe observations, patterns or relationships in data using digital technologies as appropriate.

Literacy Goals:

  • Use strategies to help me read and understand scientific texts that use tier 3 scientific language.
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100WC week 13 and the spot just grew and grew.

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I CAN’T SLEEP! My brother was snoring so loud! it was 11:01 which is  late when you need to wake up at 7 the next morning to go to school. In the end I fell asleep at 12:00. Next morning I woke up and went to the bathroom to wash my face and I saw this massive pimple on my cheek! After I got all my stuff ready to go to school, I checked AGAIN and it was even bigger. At lunch it was super big. And at the end of school it was super super big. All  it did was grow and grow and grow.

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BTN- Coral Bleaching

Here is the link to BTN Coral Bleaching: BTN-Coral Bleaching

This BTN is about the coral bleaching that is occurring in parts of the reef. Lots of the coral in Great Barrier Reef is turning white, this is called coral bleaching. When you look at coral you’re looking at its skeleton, there are tiny little bumps on the coral called polyps which is the only things that’s still alive underwater, a chunk of coral can have many polyps living in a single colony. There are little algae inside the coral too and they help feed the coral the algae also gives coral great colours. If people know that the reef is dying why don’t people try to stop burning fossil fuels? Are other things in the reef dying as well? The coral in the Great Barrier Reef is dying.


Red= Summary

Pink= 3 recalls

Lime= 2 questions

Aqua= 1 insight