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BTN- Voting Age

Here is the link to BTN Voting Age:BTN-Voting Age

This is about how you vote and how old you need to be. You have to be 18 to vote. In some countries when your 16 you can start to drive. Bill Shorten thinks 16 and 17 year olds should be able to vote. 400,00 18-24 year olds, didn’t vote which is against the law. If they might allow 16-17 year olds to vote why don’t they allow 15’s? Why do not all 18-24 year olds care about voting?


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Pink= 2 questions

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100wc week #12 Row, lie, chips, fly, sweet

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Tonight was the local film festival. A lot of people were there and we were sitting in row 4. When we were trying to get ready my brother was playing on his iPad when we were supposed to be getting ready, and then he told mum that he was getting ready. That was such a massive lie! So finally we got out of the house and we were going to eat before the show, we had fish and chips. There were heaps of fly’s. Then it was 1 hour from the show and we had a sweet ice-cream dessert. We got to our seats, and the show started.

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BTN- Young Leaders

Here is the link to the BTN Young Leaders:BTN-Young Leaders

This BTN is about leaders- what they are and how to be a leader of the future. Some Australian school kids are learning how to be a great leader. They are taking part in something called National Young Leaders Day. A good leader is someone who can communicate well with others, someone who places responsibility on their shoulders and someone who doesn’t ask themselves why, they ask themselves why not. Do all schools participate in National Young Leaders Day? How many leaders have there been in Australia? Different people lead in different ways like Malcom Turnbull and Julia Gillard.


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100wc week #11 When the connection broke

Here is the link to the 100wc website: 100wc

When the connection broke, everything went black. The lights went out. The whole town was silent. It was so quiet you would be able to hear a pin drop to the floor. A small girl said to her mother,
“Mummy, I’m scared,”
” Don’t be, it’s all apart of the plan.” I was young, and I didn’t understand a lot of things then. But now I think I do, though I still don’t understand what the “plan” was. Maybe only the adults knew about it. Everyone remembers that day, it was the day when the connection broke.


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100wc week #9

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Hi, my name is Miranda Simmons and everyday  when I walked home from Newton high school, I would see them. Three men there. Doing nothing but sitting and talking, about nothing in particular, but they were just talking. All my friends that walked home with me saw them too. They thought they were weird. They are. Apparently, they used to be  normal business  men that did business stuff. Now they are weird guys that talk at any weird place. One day I was walking home by myself from school and I overheard the business men talking,
“So who’s next?”
“Oh, I don’t know maybe… Miranda Simmons.


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BTN- New Prime Minister

Here is the link to the BTN website and the video: BTN-New P.M

Malcom Turnbull used to be the leader of the liberal party. He was the 5th prime minister in only 5 years. The people who will help Malcom Turnbull govern the country are more women and young politicians.  Malcom Turnbull had a vote with Tony Abbot about who will be the prime minister. Why was Tony Abbot a bad P.M? Will Malcom Turnbull be a really good prime minister?

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Green,gas,dancer,swimming, likely 100wc

I was there, just standing there staring though the opaque window at all the horrible green, gas that polluted our once beautiful sky. All of the dancers that danced, swimmers that were swimming, teachers that taught had to retire because of all the foul smelling air. When someone needed to go shopping, they would need to wear a gas mask to protect themselves. As I stared out the window I thought, would this world be different if people hadn’t been so careless and disrespectful about just keeping the land clean. Would it be different? Is it likely or unlikely. What can we change…


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Buddies Reflection!

On the 25th of February the 5 6s had their first buddies’ session. The 5/6s were split into the different prep classes 5/6C had Leigh’s class, 5/6A had Nicole and 5/6B had Melanie. I was split into Leigh’s class. My buddy is Taj, I am partners with Tirth so Taj is really lucky to have two buddies! When we did our first buddies session we didn’t do much. The 5/6s did a buddies letter to introduce themselves and say a bit about them e.g. what they like, what they don’t like etc. We also had a colouring in activity where you needed to colour in a teddy bear with your buddy. After that we ate our lunch with them and the other preppies and buddies in the class. I had a great time with my buddy and I am very excited to do more things with them!

20160225_124345        THANKS BUDDIES!