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First term integrated goals

Unit Learning Goal 1: Civic Knowledge and understanding
I will… describe the nature of Australia’s democracy that developed as a result of Federation.
I will… describe my knowledge of Australia’s democracy when Australia became a country by itself.
Unit Learning Goal 2: Civic Knowledge and understanding
I will… describe the three levels of government and some of the key functions of each level
I will… learn about the 3 levels of Government and be able to explain what they are about
Unit Learning Goal 3: Community engagement
I will… demonstrate understanding that there are different viewpoints on an issue, and contribute to group and class decision making.
I will… Understand that there are different points of view on different things that happen and join in to decision making in class.
Unit Learning Goal 4: Community engagement
I will… demonstrate understanding of the roles and responsibilities of leaders, and of democratic processes, when engaging in school and community activities
I will… make sure to understand about responsibilities of leaders when at school.
Unit Learning Goal 5: Literacy
I will… make sure that I will be comprehending almost everything that I read about government and Australia’s democracy
Unit Learning Goal 6: Numeracy
I will try my hardest to understand how many politicians in a debate and how many people in a party.
Learning Goal 7: Personal Learning
In this unit of Government I will make sure to be stronger in my speaking skills and debating skills.

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100WC week #7 …the door opened and there it was…

…the door opened and there it was…
A small sparrow was sprawled out on the doormat, as I walked down the stairs it stared at me with those dark, brown eyes. I walked towards it and it screeched at me it wasn’t an angry screech, no it was a scared, lonely, sad screech. I looked over to the clock that hung on the wall. It was 10:00pm, and there I was. On my stairs, home alone, with a sparrow that may as well be dead in the condition that it was in. The next morning it was outside. Flying.


here is the link to the 100wc prompt week #7:

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Why I would be a great S.R.C

Dear students and Antony,

I am trying out for the part as S.R.C. When I was in year 3 I tried out for S.R.C but I didn’t get the part, so this year I am going to try my hardest and hopefully become a S.R.C.

What is an S.R.C?

S.R.C stands for student representative council. The S.R.C are run by some kids that are nominated (2 from each class) to be the S.R.C’s for that class. The school captains are also in the S.R.C and they basically run it. The S.R.C organise most of the school clubs and fundraisers.

First, I would be a good S.R.C rep because I am very organised, say I would need to make a poster for a fundraiser I would make sure it would be the first thing to do, I would  also make sure  to bring the right things to all the S.R.C  meetings and not be unprepared. I am also organised when it also comes to things outside of school.


Secondly, I am committed. When I join something I would make sure that I would attend every S.R.C meeting to show that I am worthy of being in it.


Thirdly, I am very confident when speaking. I have a strong voice and I can project it. I am also excited about speaking because it improves my leadership skills, makes me more confident and build to what skills I have now.

What I can offer

As a S.R.C rep I can offer to include everyone’s opinions and answer any questions that they are unsure about.


In conclusion, I would be a great S.R.C rep because I am organised, committed, and confident, and I can offer a great deal to this class. Thank you, and vote for me as your S.R.C!


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Why you are lucky to have me in your class?

You are lucky to have me in your class because…


Firstly, I am organised when it comes to my books.  For example when we need to get out our maths books I would already have them on my table by looking on the whiteboard in the morning and seeing what subjects we would have. I would be really organised when it comes to sport practise. To make sure to have a bat -tennis bat and a ball to start practising with my group. I would make sure to be there on time and not let my team down.


I am a very helpful student when it comes to taking things to the office, helping out someone when their hurt or just being responsible for my needs. I am quite good at working in a team with my class mates and contributing to a task well.


Finally, I am very persistent while doing my work. If I can’t find an answer to something I would keep on going until I have found the answer. If I can’t figure it out I am not afraid to ask for help when in need.


You are lucky to have me in your class because… I am organised, I am helpful and can co-cooperate well and I never give UP!



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Letter to Antony

Hi! I’m Mietta! My blog doesn’t actually have my name in the title so just starting you off. SO let’s get into it! The things I like doing are reading. I adore books and just sitting there reading is a really nice experience. I like writing, making up stories and drawing. I feel like drawing is really inspirational and I like letting my ideas out in pictures. And finally… the thing you’ve all been waiting for, not really but here it is……. I LOVE BODY BOARDING! I find it so fun being in water (which means I also like going to the pool) and especially in the ocean because it’s so natural, and riding the waves makes me even feel more engaged with my surroundings.


Ever since we had our cat I had got completely obsessed with her. Her name is Isis and she has the name of an Egyptian goddess. She is half tabby and half abyssinian. She is really old 13 which in cat years is 91 because you multiply each number in cat years by 7. My family are really supportive with my schoolwork like when I have a test the next day and I’m nervous,  my mum tells me that I have no need to stress and I can do it. I also like to spend quality time with them and have fun! I  like spending good time with my friends and I enjoy hanging out with them. When I see them they always make me feel better when I’m sad.


Last year in September my sister, my mum and I went overseas to Greece and Paris for 4 ½ weeks. First there was the day of packing. Then the big night when we left the house at 10:00 and got on the plane at 11:30. Our first stop was at Doha just to switch planes. Then we arrived at Athens, CAPITOL OF GREECE! Next day we saw the Parthenon one of the most amazing historical pieces of architecture. They made it in honour of Athena. Next we went to Spetses and stayed with our Godfather and just relaxed and went to the amazing aqua beaches. Then we to Delphi and saw the temple dedicated to Apollo. After we went to Yannina and relaxed in the best hotel ! We went to Kastoria were our relatives were and we stayed with them. We found this adorable kitten and it was so cute!! After, we went to Thessaloniki were mum met up with a friend,  we went over to their house and played Just Dance with their kids and had a lot of fun. Finally we stayed in Athens for our last night and the next day went to Paris! First when we got there mum rented a car to drive around the Loire Valley and see all the amazing castles and other cool places. Then we went to Paris we stayed at this really nice place and ate baguettes and went to museums and the Louvre and had a really great time, so, yeah………. AND WE SAW THE EIFFEL TOWER. It was so much bigger and more amazing in the real life than in the pictures. And then we went home. You have no idea how glad I was to be home, it was a really long holiday. I was so excited to be back to see my dad and my cat and everyone I know and care about. All I truly know now is that I went there with an assumption of what is was like, and came back with a totally new experience.


So that is basically everything, well, everything BIG! Now I think it’s time…                MY QUOTE:

Your only a kid once so live life and

Have fun!