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Diary Of a Scruffy Dog

Hello, human! I am Buster the dog and I introduce you for reading my journal! I hope you enjoy!


By Mietta Vampatella






Day 1: I woke up tired and waddled into my owner’s room, they are still sleeping, I dump my head on top of my owner’s head and they wake up and I excitedly lick their face until they are up and running and patting me like CRAZY! Finally they feed me and walk outside to play ball. Owner’s parents wake up and they get my owner Jack ready for school. 6 hours pass and owner (Jack) comes back from school, takes me for a walk and does his homework. Dinner: the usual dog food. Sleep.


Day 2: Worst sleep ever. I got to sleep at 1:00am I think, anyway, woke up at 7 and the slept until afternoon. Then had a really big brunch and slept until dinner.

Day 3: CRASH! I woke in the middle of the night and a storm was brewing. My owners had forgotten to let me inside. I was thinking about just getting back to sleep, but the huge lightning bolt struck and I ran for it. I ran to the next street and I ran for it. I ran to the next street and fell asleep under someone’s house. Its dawn and I think my owners are looking for me. I go back the way I came but I can’t find our house. Not the brick roof, white fence or blue mailbox our house is nowhere to be seen. It’s almost sundown and I’m getting hungry, I kill a few birds and a mouse. I nestle on a patch of grass for sleep.

“Tomorrow” I thought.


Day 4: Today I wake up early so I can get ready for a full day of searching. I walk and see a nearby pole, it has a LOST poster of me on it. I look so loved. Today I’m going to get home. I’ve been walking around for a while now. It feels like I’m going around in circles. I’ve just stopped and I’m taking a break at a school. Hang on. This school looks familiar. It is familiar! Its Jack’s school! The bell rings for recess and I see Jack gloomily walk and sit on a bench. I can’t control myself. I have to! I jump over the school fence! Jack turns over and looks at me with delight. I run up to him as he runs up to me and then I give him a big sloppy kiss. He runs up to the yard duty with me tagging behind. He explains the situation to her and then she calls up Jacks parents to come and pick Jack and me up. When they come they all look so happy to see me. When we get home they give me so much food and a bagful of kisses.


Day 5: Mmmm… back at home, safe and sound, with my family…


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