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Flying Fox

I looked down to the ground below as I took my first breath. My heart was beating fast as Farrah had just left the stool and her squeal was making me shiver. It was nearly my turn on the big fast and dangly flying fox.

Anatolia was about to have her turn. She said, “Don’t worry. It’s going to be okay.”Parky connected the rope to her and off she went. The other part of our group (group 2) was sitting down on the stools and Farrah was looking at me excited and clapping repeatedly. Anatolia was running back. The morning breeze hit my face as I stepped onto the stool.

I took a deep breath as the gate opened. I sprinted off the tower. “Woohoo, this is awesome,” I yelled. “Doing!” I hit the end of the wire as I hovered above the ground. Scott (the man waiting at the end) untied me from my harness. Holding the end of the rope I jolted back to the tower, happy, excited and joyful.

I handed the rope to Parky as I got ready for my second turn. Minutes past and I was standing yet again on top of the tower. This time I was going to go upside down. My heart was racing as I jolted off the tower and out into the open air. I flipped the other way round and everything turned upside down. Then I looked behind me. I was about to hit the end. I switched around and hit the end if the wire. I clutched onto the rope as Scott untied me.


I ran back with a huge grin on my face and a heart full of pride.

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The World of Mystery

“WOW!” “So this is what horse riding is like,” I said as I jumped out of the car. There was a large paddock that had horses in it. We walked into the farm. I noticed a small farm house next to the paddock. We walked into the house and went to sign some forms. After we signed the forms we went into a small room that had many horse riding helmets. I got a white helmet and my sister (Melina) got a black one.


We walked out of the farm house and went to the paddock and lined up to get a horse. My horse was called, Ellie, she was a light brown horse, with blue eyes. When all of us were on a horse one of the helpers opened the paddock door. “I’m nervous mum,” I said.

“Don’t worry,” she replied.

The horses slowly trotted out. I was clutching the hand ropes so tightly my knuckles went white. Suddenly my horse went out of control. Nobody seemed to notice. Ellie and I crashed down into a bush!

My horse fled. “Now that’s just going to make things a whole lot harder,” “Now I have to walk the whole way back,” I said glumly. “Wait a second where am I?” I asked myself.

I looked around. I was right in the middle of a bush. A small bee came up to me holding a fairly large letter that was the right size for me to read. The little bee dropped it on my lap. I opened it. The letter said:

Dear Mietta,

You and your horse have fluttered into our land (the world of mystery) and must never mention this world to anyone if you do there will be big consequences. To find the exit to this world you must find a large, shiny, green gem. You will find many dangers on your journey but take this:

The little bee handed me a bow and a sheath of arrows . I kept on reading.

Good luck the Queen bee


Watch out for any Black Shadows. They tend to bite.


Amazed by the letter I headed off not knowing where I was. I shook my head and said in a low voice, “Don’t worry you will find the gem,” I said, in a worried voice.

It was nearly nightfall and there was still no sign of the gem. Something moved in the bushes. I raised my bow hoping it wasn’t a Black Shadow. But it wasn’t. It was a deer, “oh,” I said as I lowered my bow.

The deer ran. I looked to the bush where the deer had come out of. I saw something shining in the bush. I put my hand deep into the bush trying to grab whatever it was. When my hand touched it I felt a smooth, bumpy, crystal type shape. I grabbed it out of the bush. It was the gem. “Yes I found it,” I screamed. Just then a black shadow popped out of the bush where the gem was I shot it with my bow but it became bigger I raised the gem up to it and yelled “BE GONE!”As I disappeared.

I was back on the horse track riding gently on my horse. I looked behind me and saw the little bee waving at me. I looked forward again. Then I looked back. The little bee wasn’t there. “Weird,” I said slowly.

And from that day on the world of mystery still remained…

A mystery.