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Oh, I HATE being sick. I was just sick for the past 7 days which meant I had to miss out on school camp, SO ANNOYING! There where tissues everywhere and I was experiencing every single second of every dull moment I had to go through! Everyone has been sick and everyone knows how tragic it is to be sick but then again everyone also knows how AWESOME it feels to be better, back at school, with your friends and that happy, good feeling of nature and your surroundings. When I got back to school today I felt so good, excited and content! I had so many questions to ask my friends about camp. I had bad history, but my friends surely had great history! I didn’t care about what happened yesterday, or the day before, or before, I was just happy to be back at school! NOT SICK!


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Every Halloween dad tells us we HAVE to go trick or treating, I hate doing it because:

  1. It’s in the dark
  2. How do you know where you are going
  3. How would you get back when you get lost

In other words I love it! All of those reasons just explain who I am… can you guess? You’re probably expecting me to be a boy, right… WRONG! Surprisingly I’m a girl, well actually a tom-boy! Oh, I don’t know why but I love getting scared! I mean it’s weird, right? But I love it! So anyways, I had to go trick or treating because my younger brother Dillan wanted to go… but that didn’t bother me… it was my older sister Kalie that didn’t want to come, she says it’s so BABYISH and that she didn’t have time because she needed to file her nails! TYPICAL KALIE! So off me and Dillan went to go trick or treating, HANG ON! We haven’t introduced ourselves! I’ll start! Sooo I’m Frankie, I’m 11 and I live in Sydney, what about you… HUH! I guess you’re not much of a talker then… SO where was I… oh yes! So we went to go trick or treating which I was actually kind of glad to do, I mean I’m 11 and Dillan is 9 so it’s kind of hard to get this fun in grade 6! So off we went to trick or treat but when we got to the Eastside Alley I saw… Vanessa the year 6 popular girl! Did she have to see me with my brother… trick or treating… in a princess costume mum made me wear! This was absolute chaos! I had to hide! She couldn’t see me like this! So I did something amazing! Something daring! Something fantastic! I hid behind the bushes! I know, I know it doesn’t sound that legendary, but if you were to see these bushes at the Eastside Alley not even the crows would come near them, it’s got big mac burger wrappers in the leaves, bottles in the branches and bits of old bird droppings almost everywhere you could look! So Vanessa was passing in her BMW but I TOTALLY forgot about Dillan! WHERE WAS HE! WHERE DID HE GO! WHO TOOK HIM!! I was so panicky that I leaped out from behind the bushes and ran around the patch of grass where the house was! Dillan was fine he was playing with a snail in a nearby puddle, I was not fine! I was totally drenched from head to toe in thick, gooey slime! It was Vanessa and her boyfriend, he stood there with an empty barrel of slime!

“HAPPY HALLOWEEN” He chuckled. He is SUPER mean, and when I say mean I mean, MEAN! He chucked a little kids toy onto the road, he pulled out a little kids tooth and he broke someone’s ankle by accidently ON PURPOSE! So there I was drenched in gooey slime, a giggling popular girl staring at me, a confused brother looking, well, confused! And a bunch of weird teenage guys standing around me! What was I gonna do!



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The Kitty Cats and… The Mystery Of The Spicy Crumpet

“Would you rather…” Before Ella (AKA agent W.I.L.D) could finish her sentence her mum came in and said in a deep tired voice:

“You girls are making such a racket, its 6:30 in the morning make some breakfast,”

“Okay,” We both responded as she slowly walked out of the room.

“Come on let’s get some breakfast” I said (AKA agent F.L.A.M.E)

“Okay” responded agent W.I.L.D.

We slowly walked to the kitchen but we stared wide eyed as we found our path blocked by a grey and white figure…

IT WAS SASSY! (Agent W.I.L.D’s cat)

We slowly tried to walk around her but it was no use, Sassy started to walk up to us meowing constantly. After two long minutes of solid meowing, agent W.I.L.D got the guts to say


Sassy looked at her with a disgusted look and walked away meowing with disappointment.

“Thanks for that” I said. We walked into the kitchen to get some breakfast. Ella got some milo cereal. I decided to get a crumpet and milo. I put my crumpet in the toaster and went off to make my milo. Meanwhile Ella was already eating her cereal slowly enjoying every single flake she put in her mouth. I eyed her with disapproval. My mind trailed off… Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley, CATS! My daydream was interrupted by the POP of the toaster! CRUMPET! I thought. I fast walked towards the toaster for my crumpet. I took it out and went to put it on my plate. As I spread honey on it I imagined the taste, nice, sweet, crunchy, SPICY?!


I told Ella after I drunk my milo:

“It’s so spicy, try it!”

“Okay” she responded suspiciously…

“HOT! HOT!” she screamed and stuffed a bunch of milo cereal in her mouth!

“Yeah! I know!” I said to her!


We changed into our detective clothes with our clothes changer 3000. Agent W.I.L.D went to go get the fingerprint scanner and the fingerprint identifier while I scurried around the kitchen with the X-ray vision goggles.

“Agent W.I.L.D come in, Agent W.I.L.D?”

“Yes Agent F.L.A.M.E? Over”

“Hurry up with that fingerprint scanner and the fingerprint identifier! Over and out!” 30 seconds after that conversation Agent W.I.L.D came into the room with the fingerprint scanner and the fingerprint identifier. She gave me the fingerprint scanner. I went over to the crumpets and scanned them. We watched the fingerprint identifier as it scanned the fingerprint. Then two words came up on the screen of the fingerprint identifier:

Johnny Mc John Pants

“Johnny Mc John Pants our arch enemy!” we both said

“We have to call the prime minister and tell him about Johnny Mc John Pants” I said.

“And don’t forget his sidekick Bobby Mc Bob Pants!”

“Yeah, him too, you phone the prime minister I’ll look for more mysteries to solve”

“Okay” said Agent W.I.L.D. The sounds of Agent W.I.L.D on the phone with the prime minister faded away and I was back outside. But there was something peculiar about this dirt track. I called for Agent W.I.L.D.

“Look that dirt track that track goes along but it doesn’t finish” I said.

“That’s really weird” we said together.