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City or Countryside

Living in the sweet, calm, beautiful country is WAY cooler, better and healthier than living in the dirty, black, polluted city! And I’m about to show you why…


Well, for starters you absolutely NEED fresh air, and what better place to get fresh air then in the country! The countryside has LOADS of fresh air all around, and so you don’t have to keep on going back and forth to get fresh air, why not just live there! I mean seriously who doesn’t like the fresh air feeling!


Also, have you ever noticed the difference between the city air and the air in the countryside? There is so much more pollution in the city. The pollution there is REVOLTING!! There is smoke coming out of the chimneys of building! And when it’s meant to be a sunny day you can see grey clouds of smoke in the air. And if you’re at the country there is NO pollution ANYWHERE! Go see for yourself…

Furthermore, if you’re in the city there is so much noise! But if you’re in the countryside there is no noise! Imagine a sweet, quiet, beautiful night with no noise at all.

So, to sum it all up in the country there is heaps of fresh air, NO pollution and no noise. So living in the countryside is WAY cooler!

I hope you agree with me too!