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The Endless Road


“Well this is it” I said looking at the bus. Misty was barking at it…

“Rooh Rooh”

“Don’t bark this is the right bus …I think,” we walked onto the bus, I gave my ticket to the ticket inspector.

“Taylor Craig?” said the inspector

“That’s me” I said gleefully.

“Right this way”


The ticket inspector led me inside.

“So you’re going to Southern California” he exclaimed

“Yes” I said turning to him. What I saw was not the nice kind man that took my ticket, what I saw was not the nice kind man that took my ticket what I saw was half demon half man. I blinked twice and there standing in front of me was the kind man.

“Are you okay?”

“Yeah just…just nerves “I said quickly. I sat down on a nearby seat and breathed deeply. I looked around. All of the people were not people, they slowly turned into vicious monsters! The woman that was standing before me had turned into a hooded creature with a scythe. I shivered at the sight of her. She walked towards me, my heart was beating fast! I felt her bony hand touch mine. She dropped a stone with the word DEATH engraved in it. I looked at the stone then back at her, her kind face was smiling at me. I looked back at the stone it did not say death any more it said LIFE. I was confused.

“I just need some sleep” I said to myself


5 hours later I woke up.

“HOW MUCH LONGER AM I GOING TO BE ON THIS BUUUUSSSS!!!?”I said in my head. 1 month later I was STILL on the bus, I don’t know how I survived but I did.

“This road is endless!?” I said in my head. I got up and went to the driver.

“How long until Southern California?” I asked in a sweet voice. He slowly towards me. Realised he wasn’t a man but a robot with shining red eyes.

“O…Okay” I said backing away. Everyone else slowly came closer to me. I felt something in my hand, it was the stone! Every time I looked up the monsters were coming towards me! Misty’s barking was fading away…

“HELP!” I yelled


I just woke up. Dillan my brother was standing over me.

“Are…are you okay?” he said

“Yeah, fine” I exclaimed

“Okay!” he ran out of the room (pretending to be an aeroplane). I reached to my bedside table to get a drink of water, but I realised something new was there, a black stone with the word DEATH engraved in it