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The secret room


Jane, Freya and I (Lilly) were in my mansion looking gloomily out the window as drops of rain pitted and patted on the window pane. “I want to go outside” said Freya

“Well we can’t” I responded

“Why don’t we go to your gigantic library” suggested Jane

“Okay we all said”


We jolted to the library. As soon as we walked in Jane and I had found a book but Freya was still looking Jane had found a book about demon called Morghoul with blood red eyes and a hardened body that terrorised or killed people at the stroke of midnight. Lilly was reading a persuasive text about cats. But Freya was still looking. She was rummaging around the library looking desperately for a book. She slowly turned her head. The spine of it read:

The secret garden. She gently pulled it out and a secret door appeared.


Freya wailed

“What, what, what” we both came running

“The book it’s broken, I dropped it on the floor and the spine of it just split!”

“So what you found a secret door”

“But I broke my book!”

“Come on” we both said

Freya picked up the book and joined us.


Freya trailed behind clutching the book in her hand as tear drops dropped on it. We reached a dead end.

“What is it?” Jane asked

“Some kind of ancient language” I responded

“What does it mean?” said Freya finally looking up from her book.


“How will we get past?”

“I broke my book” Freya said under her breath

“Just get over it” I yelled

“FINE!!!!!” she screamed turning around and chucking it no the stony ground

“I was not expecting that” we said looking rather surprised. We walked closer to the ancient rune. Jane touched a cold stone with a purple flower. It made a noise BOOM. A pink one BOOM, BOOM. A blue, green and orange one BOOM, BOOM, BOOM. In the middle lay a bright red one we all touched it. A second after we touched it we fell into darkness…..


“Owch Eeek, oh that hurt” we all said as we landed on our backs.

“Where are we?” Freya said grabbing a torch from the nearby wall. We looked around. The only colour we saw was gold. It filled the corners like skyscrapers and covered the ground so not a single stone brick could be seen. We gazed round the room in curiosity. A large black chair faced us. Jane slowly walked forward and sat down on the chair. Her eyes turned blood red and her body hardened…..

“MORGHOUL’’ we both said…..