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How to Train a Whispering Death


You will need


  • 10 crates of fish (per day)
  • A Whispering Death (by one from Kmart if not available by one from Coles)
  • Saddle
  • Titanium amour
  • 5,000 torches
  • Ninja cats
  • Fire Fighters on standby
  • Massive tooth brush and tooth paste
  • A dome


Method: how to make your dragon kill


1)    Get a Whispering Death from Kmart

2)    Bring your Whispering Death to the dome

3)    Feed it the fish

4)    Put on your amour

5)    Get its mouth open

6)    Get the ninja cats to hold its mouth open while you brush its teeth

7)    Take off your amour

8)    Hold out your hand dramatically and turn your head to the floor before closing your eyes and saying loudly I’M GOING TO CHOP YOUR HEAD OFF!!!!

9)    The Whispering Death should freak out and kill you.







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A Cray Cray Chistmas

I hear bells

It’s Santa Claus

I hop out of bed

And stretch my paws


I hear slurping

Of cookies and milk

My fur twitches

And feels just like silk


I see a red belly

And a laugh of joy

A sack full of happiness

Bundled with toys


I walk a little closer

And fall into the sack

I hiss and growl

But there’s no way back


I see a hole

It’s a ninja cat

It pulls me in

                                                                                  Wearing a Santa hat


I’m surrounded by cats

In S.S.O.N.C. (secret society of ninja cats)

They have a big club

And it goes CLONK!!


They help me home

By using a portal

And when I got back

They told me I’m immortal


The crinkling rappers

And fuzzy toys

Wakes me up

All full of joy

Written by Mietta and Zoe



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BOOM! The fireworks exploded. “That’s loud.” Shouted Holly. Boom went the noise again. Holly, James and Alexia were at a carnival in the middle of the holidays. “Can we go somewhere else now?” Shouted Alexia. “okay.” Responded their mum.

They jogged until they finally came to an ice-cream shop. Strawberry and vanilla, chocolate and raspberry and a small scoop of cookies and cream. Mm mm they said licking their lips as they devoured the whole thing.

Without looking their mum had walked away. “So mum.” Started James. “Mum.” “MUM!” they screamed at the same time. “Mum.” “We were looking for you.” “Were you.” ‘Well at least you found me.” There mum said happily.

They sat down at the nearest seat (to eat their ice-creams) their mum said she was going to look at a shop and to stay where they were. While their mum was shopping they chatted. They realised that after a long time their mum didn’t come back. They decided to go and look for her. They went through long quews at shops, large crowds and huge children play areas but they couldn’t find their mum anywhere so they decided to be called out on the loud speaker.

They crept up the stage stairs. Taped the man’s shoulder lightly and whispered into the man’s ear. He called them out on the loudspeaker. “Has any parent lost three children Holly, James and Alexia he spoke through the loudspeaker.

Their mum bolted through the crowd waving her arms franticly saying. “I’m here.” And repeating it. The three children were happy, exited and relived that their mum had found them. They came sprinting off the stage and ran into their mothers arms.

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How to Train a Scauldron

What you need

  • A large place e.g. Princess Park
  • Amor metal
  • Treat e.g. fish salmon
  • Target (for the dragon to shoot at)
  • A good voice to sing lullabies
  • 2 enemy
  • A dragon e.g. Scoldren
  • Fish oil
  • 1,000,000 buckets of water (ocean is preferred)
  • Saddle
  • Dragon island


                             TIPTry not to get plundered by




1) Drive to Dragon Island

2) Find a Scauldron that you like


3) Raise your hand towards the dragon’s nose that you choose look away and the dragon will put its nose to your hand.

4) Care for your dragon and feed it fish or any other type of meat except EELS!


Your dragon should like you now, now it’s time to get training!

Method to calm down

 1) Bring your dragon to a large place

2) Put fish on the ground

3) Calm your dragon by singing a lullaby

4) If your dragon is a Scauldron put fish oil in your hair and let the dragon smell it because a Scoldren lives in water

5) Give your dragon some fish

Method for your dragon to shoot


1) Set up your enemy

2) Make your enemy show the weapons and pretend to kill you, the Scauldron will protect you from the worrier

3) feed it fish

Method to fly

1) Put on your amour

2) Put a bail of fish on the floor for Scauldron

3) Connect the saddle while the Scoldren is sitting and eating the fish

4) Climb onto the dragon give it a small kick beside the stomach

5) Say let’s go and its name e.g. let’s go Scoldy

6) Fly around and turn, if there’s any suspicious shapes move your dragon left or right or whatever way you need to turn.

7) Lower your dragon to the ground

8) feed it fish

Method to protect its self from a berserker

1)    Get your 2nd enemy (tranquilise your enemy with “make a dumber berserker its medicine)

2)    Tell your enemy to show all of the weapons to the dragon and the dragon should shoot

3)    Give your dragon some fish

4)    To make it feel better you must pour water over your Scauldron



A Scoldren lives in water

that is why you always

need a good supply of

water with you

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A Cold and Windy Night

Once upon a we were home alone suddenly there was a knock on the door. Bob, Johnny and Gary were at their parents’ house actually it was Bob’s parents’ house and Jonny and Gary were his friends. SUDDENLY!  They heard loud banging.

“Was that you?” Said Bob

“No it wasn’t me.” Said Jonny

“Then who was it.” Said Gary

Their conversation was interrupted by the loud banging again.

“Should we check it out.” Said Gary

“Okay. But I get to bring my baseball bat.” Said Bob

They walked slowly down the creaking stairs and to the door. Bob stuck out his baseball  bat and unlocked the lock. Then they backed off and went up three stairs each. A gust of wind past in the gloomy night.

They stared into darkness. And nobody was there. Gary went down the stairs to get a closer look. He looked out the door and then looked back to them. “See there nothing there.” Said Gary. Behind him was figure in a dark, long, black cloak with blood dripping from the fangs of this creature. They were just about to tell Gary but it was too late. The creature slung its hands around Gary’s neck and ran off as quick as lightning. They watched in amazement as they said at the same time



They ran up to Bob’s room and got onto his computer (apple computer) (no, literally an apple computer!) (No, not a real apple, but an apple computer) to do some research. They found out that it was called a witch and that it lived in caves. So they headed off to the nearest cave. But before they left they needed some equipment. 3 packets of twisties, 1 apple GPS, 1 soccer ball (if they got bored) and 2 baseball bats.” I think we’re ready.” They said as they walked out into the freezing weather.

Later that night they a wizard his name was Algernon Rowan Webb. He said that he would protect and follow them in their quest and Jonny and Bob welcomed him aboard. When they got there they ran in and yelled loudly


He was hanging over a great white shark and the great white shark was in a pool of acid (actually it was just soda water). And said “hey guys, I like bananas.” Bob asked Algernon but he was frozen looking at the witch and the witch looking at him. The witch left Gary hovering in mid-air and walked over to Algernon Rowan Webb witch left me and Jonny to get Gary. We watched as the wizard and witch walk off together.

“Well that was awkward.”

“Yeah it was.”

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The Danitree Rainforest


The tropical rainforest of Cairns in the Daintree national park is near the equator which means it usually gets a lot of sunshine and rain. There are rainforests almost everywhere.  There are rainforests in Queensland, south East Asia, South America, Africa, Island of Sumatra, Papua New Guinea, Central America and many more around the world. The largest rainforest is the Amazon which is in South America.


The tropical rainforest gets a lot of sun and rain. It is very humid, hot and wet. This is because it is on the equator. The equator is an imaginary line that cuts the world in half.


The tropical rainforest has trees, yep lots of trees. There are five layers of the tropical rainforest the emergent layer, the canopy, the understory, the shrub layer and the herb layer.

The emergent layer is made up of the tallest trees reaching up to 45 meters tall allowing some sunlight to reach the lower layer.

The canopy is the second highest layer of the rainforest. The canopy trees fold over each other allowing the trees bellow them to survive.

The understory is made up of smaller trees such as palms. These trees get less sunlight then the higher layers.

The shrub layer is made up of shrubs and small trees it is not as thick as the higher layers because it doesn’t get as much sunlight.

The herb layer has plants such as ferns, grasses, mosses and small flowering plants. These plants do not need as much sunlight to grow.



Living Things (the Cassowary):

The cassowary or its Latin name (Cassuarius Cassuarius) is a large bird that lives in this biome. It is an omnivore. An omnivore is a creature that eats both meat and plants. The cassowary eats fruits, fungi, insects, frogs and snakes.

Food Chain:

The cassowary eats snakes the snakes eat birds and the birds eat insects.

Non Living Things:

Non-living things all connect with living things. See, water connects with nearly all animals (except for one which I know of the kookaburra.) So water all connects with animals because they drink that water you see so everything even non-living things all interconnect.


The tropical rainforest is near the equator. It is hot and humid. There are rainforests all around the world.


Book: Rainforests

Margaret Roc & Kath Hawke, 1998, Macmillan, Australia , Tropical rainforest, 19/6/2014, the day I searched it

Heinemann Page: 41



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Everyone should have a pet!

I strongly agree that everyone should have a pet. Who wouldn’t want one?



Firstly think everyone should have a pet because pets are a part of your family. This is what my cat (Isis) does.  I was coming home from school one day and my cat ran up to me she smudged her fur against my legs. That is why I love pets they’re great.


Secondly, I think everyone should have a pet because you feel happy when you’re around them. For example my cat always cheers me up when I’m

sad. She cheers me up by rolling on my feet and letting me pick her up.


That is why I think everyone should have a pet!


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A Present

“BOOM,” it was midnight and thunder was rumbling. “BOOM,” it went again.

“Oh, I hate storms,” I said trying to get to sleep. I heard footsteps in the kitchen. So I jumped out of my bed. Slipped on my slippers and went downstairs.


I tip-toed downstairs and saw a slight movement. I watched closely. I saw a figure. It was something dressed in black. I could not move anymore because I was so frightened. The black figure ran past me and went out the window with a large box.


Suddenly I unfroze from my short doze. “That’s my present,” I said. “I really wanted to open that,” I dragged myself up the stairs and to my bedroom and in my bed. After two hours I fell asleep.


The next day I told my parents all about it. They said they would buy me a new present. I was happier but still not as happy. I wanted to open the other present.


That very same day we bought another present. It didn’t feel right, but I took it.

I didn’t notice a black figure was still watching…..

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Swimming Carnival

SPLASH! I jumped into the water. I was so nervous. “It’s f-freezing!” I said with my teeth chattering.  I just jumped into a freezing cold pool. I was about to swim 20 metres freestyle. Versing all year four girls! Just then Jess (a school teacher) pressed a button that made a loud noise and we started swimming. I could hear my house cheering for me. Then I reached the end of the pool…


“What did I come, What did I come?’’ I said in my head



“I was at least trying to get in the top six.”

“I guess I didn’t try my best.” I said.

I walked back to my house cold, hungry and exited.


“I came seventh.” I told my sister

“I think I could have done better,” I said

“maybe you can do better when you swim backstroke.” said my sister.

“Maybe.” I said.

Did you like the swimming carnival?

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My Autobiography

My name is Mietta. I live in Victoria. I am named after a famous chef called Miette which is French. My background is Greek and Italian. My mums Greek and my dads Italian. I live with my mum (Evelyn), my sister (Melina) and my cat (Isis) which is named after an Egyptian goddess

My second paragraph is about what life means to me. To me life means to be happy and enthusiastic, and I could never be happy and enthusiastic without my friends, my family and my cat Isis. I have many friends and they are all very nice to me as I am to them.

This paragraph is about a really good holiday I had in the Gold Coast. So it all started on September the 13th or something like that and I just woke up. I mean going to the Gold Coast for the first time was pretty amazing. So about four or five hours later my dad came (my mum didn’t want to go to the Gold Coast so my sister my dad and I were going) so he told us that our flight had been delayed for about two hours. So while my sister and I watched TV my mum and my dad just chatted until my dad FINALLY said that it was time to go.

So my mum drove us to the airport. I felt a little bit depressed to leave my mum for a week but after a few hugs and kisses I got over it. We had to wait about three hours until it was time for our flight. When the speaker called out our flight we got our luggage and hurried over to our plane. We had to wait in a big queue but soon we found our seat and put our luggage.

It took about 15 minutes for the plane to start but soon enough it did. It had been quite a long time since I had been on a plane so I was pretty scared. It took about two hours to get to Queensland and when we got off the plane it was about 1am so I was really tired. We had to get to our motel. It had a very weird name. It was called Acapulco.

I like swimming, piano, sewing and many more hobbies. I do swimming and piano.

When I grow up I’m going to be actress, author and librarian….maybe? I’m on going to live on the beach. I will also have lots of dinner parties and read lots of books. That concludes my autobiography. Thanks!